25 Authors of Christmas Blog Tour - Interview & Giveaway with co-authors of The Little Purple Book Of Passions - Thomas Hunter Dillon & Sierra Sofia

The Book
The Little Purple Book of Passions is what you secretly fantasize about, but are too nervous to admit. Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia have exposed some of their own hidden desires and sultry moments, and compiled them into sixteen sexy scenarios that include a little something for everyone. The phrase "inspired by true events" may come to mind as you sit back and get lost in their world of erotic encounters. Whether you are looking for something a little spicy to shake things up in your bedroom or you simply want to lose yourself in a sensual fantasy world, The Little Purple Book of Passions is sure to ignite the fire inside!

The Authors
Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia
T.H. Dillon is an All-American guy leading a normal life, who just happens to wake up to coffee and dirty thoughts every morning. Although he is the strong silent type, he finds inspiration in all walks of life and is careful to observe and take notes to ensure a woman is putty in his hands. While some are shy to discuss their sexual fantasies and dreams, T.H. Dillon instead writes his down for the world to see. When the bedroom door closes, his sexy and mysterious mind craves to please. T.H. Dillon's mind is here for the taking--enjoy! 

Sierra Sofia is a woman of the world whose erotic nature transcends her "normal" existence. She is combining her passion for writing with her sexual prowess and insatiable appetite for erotic gratification. Normal scenarios in her life have now become a blank canvas for the sexual muse that inspires her. She strives to bring her readers an equally exciting experience; for if they can feel what she encounters with her muse, the world would be a much happier and satisfied place. Now, her fantasies and real-world experiences spill over into the pages of her first erotic book. 

The Interview
by Toot featuring Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia

Hi all,
Today I'm here at Toot's to interview two awesome new authors, Thomas Dillon and Sierra Sofia, who co-wrote The Little Purple Book Of Passions. It's a new, super hot, steamy book of short fantasy stories that's guaranteed to steam up your reading glasses, fan your smoldering embers and definitely warm you up this holiday season. The book consists of 16 short stories in all, 8 from a male's POV (Thomas)and 8 from a female POV (Sierra), how ingenious is that?
*stretches out a hand to shake* Hi Sierra! Thanks so much for being here with me.
*grin* Thanks for having us, Toot! *jumps up and hugs Toot* Oh, hey… I'm a hugger, my bad. :D
*turns to Thomas, stutters'* H-Hi, Thomas. *OMG totally going fan girl, he's my new crush (read the book and you'll find out why)*
*smiling* Hi Toot. Thank you for this opportunity.
Thank you so much for being here. I'm so excited for the two of you on the success of your first book. The book is truly amazing and I love the twist on the erotic novel with the short stories being half from a male POV and half from a female POV. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you so everyone (18 and older *wink*) can get to know you two better and want to run right out and read this amazing book. Feel free to interject all you'd like but first, what brought you two together as co-writers?
You know, Thomas and I met through a mutual friend, shared some interesting laughs and jabs at each other over sports and so many other topics (it's really insane how much we have in common) and one night he goes "Man, we should write a book together!" and it just sort of spiraled from there. LPBP was his idea, his "baby", and he had wanted to write something like that for a while. I guess it just worked out that I was the right partner. Right place, right time for once! YAY!
Yeah a friend of mine had met Sierra, and he knew I was looking for somebody to write this book with…..but somebody I could trust. So he made the introduction, never intending for anything to happen other than my having the opportunity to get to know her a little better, to see if she could be someone I could eventually write with. I made friends with Sierra quite easily, and quite quickly….because we really did have a lot in common. The beauty of this partnership is that her and I as writers…..are different, with different styles. And when this became apparent to me, I thought wow….all the better for this book idea! Not only will half the book be from a male perspective, and half from a female’s……but the two writers come from different backgrounds, with different experiences, and have completely different styles. So the readers, I thought, would really benefit from multiple stories being told from two different perspectives and in two different styles. Once that light bulb went off….Sierra and I were off to the races to bring this book to fruition in time for the Holidays this year.
What inspired you to pick up the pen (or sit down at the computer) one day and create the stories and characters for the book?
My characters and stories came from fantasies of mine, dreams, and some are even based on true events. Names and locations were changed to protect the not-so-innocent ;) hehe
Well again, this book was an idea that I had had for some time. I had been waiting for the right partner to come along to help create it with me. But the inspiration to write erotica has been with me for over ten years now. I just hadn’t had much of an outlet for it until this opportunity with Sierra came along. In the past, I had written erotica privately for different women. The feedback I had gotten was always encouraging, and so it became something I began to think more and more seriously about pursuing as an author. I have been blessed with a high sex drive and the talent to write, so naturally I was curious to combine my experiences in life with my writing and see if I couldn’t create something that others could enjoy as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to have always had great sex in my life, and that really helps to inspire my writing….because in the bedroom I aim to please and I strive to satisfy every chance I get. So in writing erotica for an audience, I am looking to create stories that satisfy readers as well.
 Hard not to think of him naked when he says stuff like that, right?

*don't think of Thomas naked, DO NOT THINK OF THOMAS NAKED!*
The really funny parallel between sex and writing is, no matter how great you are in bed….in a moment of spite, you will inevitably have a partner who will tell you “I’ve had better”. And with writing, no matter how good your style is, or how good your story is, in a moment of spite… will get those readers who say “This is garbage” or “I want my money back” or “I’ve read better”. It’s just human nature for some people to try and drag you down when they see you doing something well. Whether their attempts are fueled out of jealousy, envy, or their own insecurities…’s all the same. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, there will ALWAYS be people looking to knock you down and make you feel as inadequate as they do. Sierra and I only have one book out as of right now, and we are already encountering those types. The important thing to remember is that these people exist, regardless of what you choose to do in life….and the only thing you can do is let them continue living their negative lifestyles, while you continue on your own path in life doing whatever it is you feel you are meant to do.
Sierra - What's your favorite story in the book and why?
Oh geez, ask a more difficult question, would ya? Favorite story of my own? Maybe "Nuts and Screws" because the female lead is just a go-getter, bad ass and does something that most of us aren't brave enough to do, even if we've thought of it before.  My favorite story by Thomas is probably "Stocking Stuffer". That could be because of the proximity of the holidays or other things. *blush* Who knows? :D
Thomas - Same question *me, totally not making eye contact*?
My favorite story in the book is without a doubt “Stocking Stuffer”, and the only reason it is my favorite is because it was written entirely with one person in mind. She inspired the story and she knows I wrote it specifically for her. *cough cough* *winking at Sierra*
*snicker* This pleases me… *wicked grin* hehehe
What was your first thought or feeling you had when you got word your book was going to be published and then upon seeing it in print form?
We self-published, so we KNEW it was going to be done. We were really fighting to have it out by Cyber Monday, so the deadline was a little hectic for us. Holding it in my hands for the first time was a feeling I will never be able to duplicate. Just… amazing!!
Yeah with self-publishing it’s kind of nerve racking. You are working against your own deadlines, and you are doing your own editing and cover design, formatting, and everything else. Some self-published authors choose to pay editors and cover design artists, but in our case we wanted to do everything ourselves so that the finished product would be something we could both be proud of. So you know, during the entire process, that all the criticisms you’ll receive will fall squarely on your own shoulders. And to be able to get over those nerves and continue to create through the entire process, really speaks volumes about your own abilities. You know you will be exposing your creations to the world to receive and critique, and you know you will encounter your fair share of detractors….and yet you don’t let that stop you from creating. I think any good artist will have that ability to know the potential criticisms they will face from their creations, and will continue to create in spite of such adversities being possible.
I can’t speak highly enough of Sierra and how she has been through this entire process. She had never faced a challenge like this before, and yet she did not shy away from it. She was all too happy to embrace the opportunity and challenge herself and her abilities, to take it to another level. Some artists prefer to stay in their “comfort zone” and some artists know that the only way to grow as a person and as an artist is to embrace challenges you aren’t familiar with and continue to learn as you go along.
Aww, you are too kind, babe! Thanks for that. Thomas pushed and challenged me so much and it was amazing! I accomplished things in 21 days and in ways I didn't even know I was capable of. Without Thomas, I certainly would not have a book on the market this moment. Truly. He was so dedicated to us and our project. It was a true pleasure and I am honored to have him as my partner. :)
What are you each working on now?
Thomas and I are also working on our next erotica compilation entitled The Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions (LBBPP). I am also currently working on a paranormal romance entitled Bluffing the Devil under my other pen-name, C.L. Foster.
Yep, we’ve got The Little Black Book of Paranormal Passions in the works for a February 1st, 2013 release. After that, we are tentatively planning to release Volume 2 of each (LPBP) and (LBBPP) in the Fall of 2013. If things continue to go well for us in 2013, we’ve also recently started discussing a potential third series of erotica books based upon an idea Sierra recently came up with.…heheheShhh! That one is a secret! As for myself, I am in development with a few author friends of mine for a paranormal series launching in 2014. I think Sierra and I are both at that point in our careers as writers, where we come up with ideas for things faster than we can write them… we’ll be busy for several years to come.
Can you tell us or share a little about it?
LBBPP is going to be mingling things that go bump in the night, some of your favorite paranormal beings, and scary/sexy scenarios! It's exciting!
My other project, Bluffing the Devil, actually came to me in a dream one night and I just started to write it down and ran with it. There are teasers for it on my Facebook author page. You are all welcome to check those out anytime! ;)

*toot taking a sip of water*
With LBBPP, we will be changing the format slightly to better fit that series. Instead of 16 stories at a certain length, we will be doing 8 stories for this book at double the length of the stories in LPBP. *Looking at Toot* And I mean, what lady doesn’t enjoy more length? *winks*
*spits water everywhere! Totally need a moment to regain my semi-professionalism after that!*
*clears throat while wiping at water with a paper napkin*

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
THANK YOU! So far, our response to LPBP has been amazing and supportive. As Indie authors, it's tough to get the word out there and have people interested enough in your work to want to spend their hard-earned money on it, so anyone that bought it or took time to read it, we appreciate them SO much. Additionally, anyone that is reading and thinks enough of it to leave a review for us, thank you (times a million!). We are honored!  We love what we do and if you love it, too then it's just extra awesome to us!
I would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far. The feedback I have been hearing is really encouraging. I love to get feedback from readers through Facebook, Twitter, or email. I love being able to interact with fans directly through those outlets, because I know what it’s like to be a fan of somebody that doesn’t give a damn about their fans. I told myself long ago that if I was ever blessed enough to ever do anything that garnered me a fan following, I would try and be the most fan-friendly person I could be.
Another thing I like to stress to our fans is: have a dream in your life! Set goals for how to achieve those dreams……and then go out and make them happen! Don’t let negativity stop you from pursuing what you love. Do away with the negative people in your daily lives, and the negative influences. Happiness comes from within, and if you want to be happy in life….you have to be doing what makes you happy, or at the very least working towards what makes you happy.
Is there anything you’d like to add about the book before we get into the personal questions?
Ummm, personal questions? Should I be nervous? *checking my outfit* We loved writing this book. Even with its imperfections, it’s our first work together and we are very proud of it!
The Little Purple Book of Passions is just the beginning. We have plenty more where that came from, and we are looking forward to continuing to help people enjoy their personal private time. *winks at Toot* Bring on the personal questions!

*blushing and trying not to stammer*
O-ok *dammit*, so the first story is called "Your Present" *a blush runs up my cheeks again as I finally look at Thomas* and seeing it's close to the holidays, what has been your best present? And your worst?
Wow……ummm, let me think about that for a moment.
I would say the best presents I have ever received, are the ones that have come from people who are still in my life today. I have received many cool presents in my life from people who are no longer a part of my life, so I generally don’t count those gifts anymore. I’m not really a materialistic person—it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I think some of the best presents in life are the ones you give yourself, and that’s kind of why I wrote “Your Present”. It basically is my way of reminding people to love their selves, because I know there are too many people out there trapped in dysfunctional relationships with people that make them feel like they aren’t worth a damn. Love yourself first, take care of yourself first, and respect yourself first. If everybody in this world loved and respected their self, then they would know their worth and they wouldn’t settle for someone who claims to “love” them and then treats them like garbage. It’s not being selfish…’s being smart about protecting your heart. It becomes even more imperative to do this if you have children looking to you as a role model and a parent. Their behaviors as an a adult will be learned from the adults they see every day as children. So yeah……love yourself, respect yourself, and TREAT yourself to nice presents from time to time. Take care of yourself and those around you will benefit from a better YOU!
As for my worst present ever? I once received a book from an aunt that I rarely spoke to. It was so blatantly offensive to me, on so many different levels, that I threw it in the garbage and haven’t spoken to her since.
My worst present ever is not worth mentioning as it was that terrible. Yes, I'm serious. Why waste time buying me a gift if you don't truly KNOW or love me? Seems pointless. HOWEVER, my best gift ever was an early edition copy of the Count of Monte Cristo (fave book and move of all time!).
If you could have an intimate dinner party with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
Whoa! I am a complete history and book nerd and would love to devour the brains of (not in a zombie-esque way!!) of Abe Lincoln, Tolkien, and so many more. I don't even know where to begin setting a party like that up. Great, now I'm going to daydream about that for the rest of the day. Nice work…
Hahaha, I too am a fan of history. I could easily conjure up several different dinner party scenarios that would be controversial in nature. However I will avoid discussing those. I think an interesting one would include Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King Jr., Colin Powell, Babe Ruth, Captain Edward Smith, Michael J. Fox, and Marilyn Monroe.
What book/s are you reading now? Any you would recommend to your readers?
I love books and read as much as I can! I am currently reading Cameo Renae's In My Dreams. I've read it before, but it was just re-released with a bonus chapter and new edits and, I LOVE this book, so… I had to read it again. Next on my "to be read" list is Flutter by Melissa Andrea and, you know, 900+ others.
*laughing* I have an entire bookcase filled with books needing to be read, and some that I am starting to accumulate for free on my Kindle. I can have absolutely zero time in my life to read and yet I will still go to Half-Price Books and walk out of there with more books to read.
…Seriously..a man that has a huge "to be read" shelf and still buys books that he can't read? Who wouldn't swoon over that? *swoon*
Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes a chord with you about their work?
Seriously? You asked a book nerd their favorite author? That's just not fair! Ha! Umm, my all-time favorite author used to be mysteries written by Mary Higgins Clark, Carolyn Keene (what girl didn't love Nancy Drew?), and James Patterson. Faves in the paranormal genre are Maggie Shayne, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter (I could go on for I think what draws me to them all is their connection with their characters and how they make you feel as if you are inside the story. You know how the air feels, how things look, taste, and more. I think that's the key ingredient in getting me to want to keep reading. Also, kick-ass heroines make me happy!
My favorite author is history. I know that sounds silly, but I read predominately historical non-fiction or historical fiction centered around key events in history that are of interest to me.
Lastly, let's steal an idea from the magazines.....What 16 things do fans not know about you? (8 from Sierra and 8 from Thomas *grin*)
If I told you, I'd have to kill you? No? Doesn't work? Erm..fine. Okay, here we go!
1)      I have a life list of things I want to accomplish in life. I read it once a month (at least) to remind myself and push me to my goals
2)      My least favorite things in the world are alarm clocks and Slim Jims, followed closely by racism, wet socks, and make-up sex.
3)      My best day ever includes snuggles and books (and maybe tea and cookies! Hehe)
4)      I am completely not a typical girl. I don't like shopping or pink. I prefer watching football in my jammies over most "girly" things. That includes roses, jewelry, etc. *sigh* I'm weird!
5)      I cannot stand glitter
6)      I could live on bread and cheese (but know it’s not good for me!)
7)      I don't drink or smoke at all (boring or healthy? Hmm!)
8)      I just decided in September (2012) that I wanted to be a writer, so I'm completely fresh out of the package! YAY new car smell! Haha
Hahaha, oh boy…..this should be interesting. Although I don’t smell like a new car…..*winking at Sierra*
1)      I once met Bill Murray when I was a teenager, and he was a complete asshole to me. Hence the influence on me wanting to be as fan-friendly as I can.
2)      I’ve had 3 near-death experiences in my life.
3)      I worked on a student newspaper in college.
4)      I won 1st place in a golf tournament when I was 10 years old.
5)      I have been propositioned for a three-some.
6)      When I was a Junior in high-school, I was stalked by two Freshman girls. (Not fun)
7)      I enjoy cooking.
8)      I am a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, and yet I still accept Sierra as a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. (Just don’t ask her about Super Bowl XLV! :P)
Thank you so much for having us, Toot! *mwah* We had such a good time with you!
*kisses Sierra back* 
Thank you so much, both of you, for being here. You rock! 
I wish you all the success on the new book and I'll be eagerly waiting on the next. 
*Looks at Thomas under my lashes and shakes his hand* 
Thank you so much Thomas for being here.
*Totally never washing my hand again. Big dreamy sigh.*

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

The Giveaway
Ebook copy of The Little Purple Book Of Passions


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