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Through all the years that passed, the memory of their love never faded.

Motivational speaker and drug rehab counselor Ward Gemmell can hold an audience in the palm of his hand-because he knows what it's like to have everything he loved slip through his fingers. When a particularly heartfelt speech reunites him with the daughter he never knew he had, suddenly the love of his life is back within his grasp. What could a guy like him do to earn a second chance?

Good girl Ansley Marlow was heartbroken the day Ward revealed his hidden life-the kind of secret that would tear anyone apart. But so many years have passed and so much has changed that it isn't as hard now for her to believe in fate and redemption, even when those around her are unforgiving. All she needs is the strength to reach out and reclaim the beautiful life she should have had so long ago.
Book Excerpt

"The thing is, I kept waiting to feel that crazy breathless, giddy anticipation whenever I saw him. When I was fifteen, I always felt that when I was about to see you. But … it never came with him."

He sniffed out a sad sigh. "Yeah, I never felt that for anyone else again either."

She lifted her face and stared at him with her large brown eyes. "What do you think it means?"

With a shrug, he looked away. Gazing at her was too dangerous. It made him want to act. "I don't know. Maybe that we were young."

"Well, that's a depressing thought. Only the young get to experience such an overwhelming sensation?"

He lifted his face to find her looking at him with an expression that consumed him, filled him with a crazy breathless giddy anticipation. His lips quirked into a grin. "Yeah, it was pretty overwhelming, wasn't it?"

She stepped closer and his heart rate jacked into dangerous territory. "But the thing is," she whispered. "I'm feeling that exact same sensation right now. And I'm no longer a fifteen-year-old girl."

He exhaled. Temptation lured. No woman had ever drawn him the way Ansley Marlow did. Resisting her had never been an option.

She wetted her lips with her tongue, and he was a goner. Needing to experience every detail of the moment in every way possible, he cupped her face, reveling in the feel of her warm, smooth flesh against his palms.

He whispered her name.

She smiled and strained toward him.

His eyelashes slid closed as he tipped his face down and knew she'd turned hers up.

Toot's Review

I literally just finished Addicted to Ansley and I think one of my new favorite authors is Linda Kage. She's going right up there with all my greats! I absolutely loved her book, A Fallow Heart and was eager to read this book as well. When I read the premise, I wasn't quite sure how I'd like it but by the end, I was grinning like a fool! Linda delivers to you, a very unique romance and believe it or not, there is not one single love scene but by the end, you totally feel the heat and love between these two main characters.

So let me give you a little synopsis, jump to the end if you don't want spoilers. Our story starts off with Wade Gemmell (our hero) giving a speech at a local High School. He's a counselor at a teen crisis center which specializes in drug addicted teens. You see, Wade, was a juvenile delinquent. He was totally into everything. He had a rap sheet a mile long and was heavily into drugs. He also fell in love, deeply. While he was attempting to steal money from a church, he met a girl going to bible study and that was it for him! He tried to turn his life around and be someone he wasn't, all for her but one fateful night, while at a party, life kicked him in the teeth and he was ripped away from his beautiful teen angel.

While at the high school, he's approached by a lovely young lady whom asks if she can volunteer at the center. When he says he'd need to get her mother's permission, she scribbles the info down so he can contact her. After a wave goodbye, he looks at the paper and recognizes the mother's name as his childhood sweetheart. Then realizes that the girl could possibly be his daughter. And yep, I'm going to stop there!

At this point you think that you know where this CR is going but you'd be wrong. This story doesn't follow your typical CR formula. All in all, what this story boils down to is... love, redemption and family. Like I said, there's not one love scene but the tenderness, honesty and love between all the main characters will tug at your heart strings and you'll be praying for a HEA (which the author delivers in spades). I adore Addicted to Ansley!
Author Bio

Linda grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now she lives in Kansas with her husband, toddler daughter, and their nine cuckoo clocks. She works a day job in the acquisitions department of a university library and feels her life has been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part her world, and she's thrilled to finally share some of her stories with other romance lovers.

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