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Book Blurb & Info

TITLE: Breaking Brandon
SERIES: Fate, Book #2
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Reyes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2013

Fate is a Moreno Brothers spinoff series.

He ruled out attachments years ago. Then one day he crosses paths with a beautiful but pampered daddy's little princess. History has taught him one thing about women like her—steer clear.

She was starting over. She moved back to her home town, took a new job assignment, and left her past behind. For the first time in over eighteen months, she's even intrigued by a man—a sexy but cold and indifferent drill sergeant. Despite feeling drawn to him, she has no time to figure out his inexplicable aversion to her.

Then Fate steps in one night, forcing them together. There's a connection neither can refute, and they both consider giving into the undeniable attraction.

Fate however can also be cruel. Just when they surrender to their heart's desires, past demons resurface in the most unexpected way, threatening the happiness neither realized they so desperately needed.

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Book Excerpt

He heard her step out behind him, and if he weren’t mistaken, the tapping of her heels against the floor was a little louder than normal.

“Sergeant Billings?”

Curious and mildly pleased to hear her say his name, he stopped and turned to look at her. Seeing her once again in the light, he ignored the fact that she looked better every goddamned time he saw her. “Yeah?”

She took a few steps toward him. “Aside from the airport in Washington D.C., have we met before?” Her expression was visibly annoyed. “Or do you think you know me from somewhere else?”

Letting out a dry chuckle, Brandon shook his head. He’d hit it right on the nose. She really was struggling to figure out why he hadn’t fallen all over himself to charm her from the moment he first laid eyes on her. Obviously, it’s what she was used to. What a piece of work!

He was grateful for this added confirmation that she was a self-entitled little princess, because he needed it now that his eyes locked onto hers and they were even bigger and darker than he remembered. As she took a few steps closer and he got an even longer look at the fine details of those big brown inquisitive eyes, he had to focus on what he’d just confirmed. He suddenly needed the knowledge that he’d been right about her all along as a safeguard. It helped with the dislike he knew he needed to continue feeling for her. “No, Ms. Brady, fortunately, we’ve never met.”

Her eyebrows spiked. Just like last night when he first ran into her and the hurt in her tearful eyes was so palpable, there was no hiding what she was feeling now. Utter annoyance. This time he pressed his lips together to refrain from smiling. Why the fuck did her annoyance with him amuse him so much?

“What exactly does that mean? Fortunately? You’ve obviously made some kind of assessment about me, yet you know nothing about me.”

“That’s right. I don’t. And I’m sorry that my lack of desire to know more upsets you.”

It pissed him off that even with his years of training in discipline he was incapable of keeping his eyes off those lips, especially when her mouth fell open as it did just then. Glancing back up at her eyes instead, he saw that little eyebrow lift again. “It doesn’t upset me,” she said. “It’s just that. . .” She glanced around flustered. “I’ve just never—”

“I know you’ve never, Ms. Brady.” He walked away, thinking he should be feeling smugger that she may as well have admitted she wasn’t used to men not being interested. Instead, he felt somewhat disappointed he’d been spot on about her.

The sound of her heels clicking once again quickly and with conviction against the floor made him smile. But he wiped the smile the moment she came around him and stood in front of him, forcing him to stop. She stood so close that the subtle scent he’d picked up in the elevator overwhelmed his senses now. Whatever she used to wash those thick tresses was distracting as hell. “You don’t know anything about me, Mr. Billings—”

“Sergeant Billings,” he corrected her immediately rewarded with a very annoyed pucker of her lips.

“You don’t know anything about me, Sergeant Billings. So whatever preconceived notion you think you’ve figured out about me is completely unfair, but you know what? I don’t give a shit. As a matter of a fact—”

The lights went out again, and she glanced around for a second. Then their eyes locked once again in the dim hallway. Shaking her head, she didn’t finish what she was going to say and started around him, but he moved in front of her, stopping her. It took her by such surprise her hand lifted, pressing against his chest. “As a matter of fact, what?” he asked, gulping as he stared in those startled brown eyes.


5 Fun Facts About The Characters : Brandon & Regina

Regina smirks digging her teeth into her bottom lip as she glances at Brandon then clears her throat and sits up all no nonsense like.

"Ok counting down fun facts from number five. You might not know this about Sergeant Billings," she winks at him with a grin as he stares at her lifting a brow."Or maybe you did if you were paying close attention.... He sleeps in the nude." She leans over and kisses him lightly on the lips whispering. "And of course now he has me doing it, too."

Brandon appears undaunted by this but doesn't take his eyes off her even as she pulls away giving her that unreadable stare only he can do so well.

"Number four fun fact," she continues. "Most won't be surprised but as um... particular as Brandon can be about most things. He's very good in the kitchen," she grins at him sinfully. "And I don't just mean with me on the counter." Brandon's eyes shoot open obviously not expecting her to share that with us. Regina laughs but continues. "I mean he's a very good cook and still can't get over how much I lucked out meeting someone this hot, this sweet, but who can also cook the way he does. Talk about feeling like a pampered princess."

We get a little smile from Brandon this time as he straightens out in his chair. *Whispers* Did I mention he's in his fatigues and looks too damn hot for words!

"Number three," Regina smiles big leaning into Brandon. "That last one just reminded me of this. He's adding another tattoo to his collection that reads Princess Billings."

Now we get a glimpse of that full beautiful smile. Regina giggles kissing him again a bit longer than last time. This time Brandon brings his hand around her neck pulling her closer for a much deeper kiss and as much as I'd like to sit here and watch dreamily... it's getting hot and my note cards I'm using to fan myself are not big enough for the heat I'm beginning to feel! *Ahem!* Thankfully Regina pulls away a bit embarrassed though Brandon's serious expression offers no apologies.

Rubbing his thigh with her hand she smiles. "Fun fact number two. For someone who puts on such a tough act, barely ever smiling, I've now seen Brandon laugh almost to tears." She giggles and Brandon actually chuckles shaking his head. "Okay so it's only certain people in my family that bring it out in him but still. He's laughed to the point he was holding his sides more than once now."

After whispering some stuff and laughing some about it Regina clears her throat and continues.

"Number one fun fact about Brandon is something new for him and I'm so happy about this by the way ." Brandon peers at her curiously. "When I first met Brandon he was all about no attachments. Obviously he made an exception. Anyone whose read our story will know this," she says smiling sweetly at him. "But he's continued to make exceptions. He may not admit it openly but he's embraced my family whole heartedly even becoming very close with my brother-in-law, the kids and a few others. So the number one fun fact about Brandon is he's now embracing making attachments of all kinds. In love and in friendship."

She squeezes him hard and kisses him again only this time they keep it short. "Okay you're turn," she smiles playfully.

I now get to ogle.. err.. focus on Brandon legitimately and for good reason. He has the spotlight.

"Alright I'll do them backwards like she did," he informs me with that serious stare and already I can feel the sweat beading around my forehead and upper lip.

I nod nervously. "Go ahead Mr.— Uh Sergeant Billings." He smiles at me!

"Fun fact number five and I mentioned to Regina even she wouldn't know some of these," Regina stares at him half smiling. "She murmurs in her sleep."

Regina's mouth falls open. "I do not!"

"Yeah you do," he says very smugly. "Most of the times I can't make out what you're saying," we're indulged once again with another very satisfied smile. "But a few times I have and it's very interesting."

Regina begins grilling him in a hushed voice but I hear him tell her he has to move on to the next one. He turns back to me still looking too smug.

"Fun fact number four," he glances at Regina for a moment his expression changing—going a bit serious. "She can surf." He stares at her for a moment, raising an eyebrow. "A little too well for someone who only spent one summer doing it."

"It really was only one summer," she insists.

Suddenly the playful Brandon who spoke of her murmuring is gone and Sergeant Billings is back in the room. "Fun fact number three," he says all humor gone from his eyes. "She's been refilling the empty tote in my closet."

"Brandon!" she says bringing her hand to her flushing face.

"That's all I'm saying about that," he assures her. "Fun fact number two," he continues quickly. "She and her baby sister think no one is on to them trying be sneaky about getting her older sister hooked up with—"

"That's not true!" Regina protests.

"Babe, you're not sneaky. It's pretty obvious."

"I meant we're not being sneaky," Regina smiled. "I didn't realize you thought we were trying to be."

"Good to know because everyone knows what you two are up to." He squeezes her leg and takes a deep breath. "Number one fun fact about Regina?" he looks back at her going from playful to serious to almost nervous and we actually see him gulp. "She's taking a home pregnancy test when we get home."

Regina and I both gasp. "Brandon that's supposed to be a—"

"By the time this is posted everyone will know babe." He winks at her and as playful as he attempts to look he's lost some facial color. "Trust me."

I'm speechless but have no choice but to thank them for joining me and wrap it up. On to interview Elizabeth Reyes!
Favorite Lines

We asked Elizabeth two choose some of her favorite lines from Breaking Brandon. In no particular order she gave us her list but being the tease that she is she's made very short comments on why she chose them then said she'd just let you the readers figure it out. She CLAIMS she doesn't want to spoil anything for the reader. Hmph!

So let's examine these. Up first is this one.

He finally understood what his father had meant all those years. That kind of deep emotion—the kind he felt suffocating his heart at that moment—was sacred. It was something that should remain deep inside. No one had a right to know you were feeling it but yourself.

Her comment was this sets up how much it will take to Break Brandon. Hmm..

Next she chose this one.

Regina: You’ve obviously made some kind of assessment about me, yet you know nothing about me.”

Brandon: “That’s right. I don’t. And I’m sorry that my lack of desire to know more upsets you.”

Ouch! Reyes only gives us a smug smile. Tease!

Another one of her favorites:

“Sir, I can explain.”

“Yes, you can and you will,” Brandon said, his tone hard and full of authority just as he’d been trained by the very best. “Only not here, not like this.” He got right in Rodriguez’s face. “I want a full report on my desk tomorrow morning, explaining why you ignored a direct order from your superior. I wanna know exactly what you were talking to her about when you’ve been instructed to stay away from her entirely. And also want you tell me why the hell I shouldn’t write you up.”

Reyes comments is, "One of the very first signs of breaking down and he knows it."

On to the last one she

“What I was doing before you . . . Baby, I may as well have been dead. My life now with you compared to what it was then . . . I was dead.”

Here I only comment about this one was a "Sigh!" and a big smile.

Author Info

USA Today Bestselling Author, Elizabeth Reyes continues to answer to her calling on a daily basis. Since releasing her debut novel Forever Mine (Moreno Brothers #1) in 2010 she has now published 9 full length novels total and fast at work on the next. The excitement her Moreno Brothers, 5th Street, and Fate series have garnered has far exceeded her wildest dreams. It is with as much excitement that she'll continue to put out books related to these series as well as introduce brand new ones very soon.

In 2014 she will take her next step in the exciting world of writing and publish her first traditionally published book with Simon & Schuster/Atria. But she will continue putting out self published books as well.

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