Spotlight, Excerpt, Author Interview & Giveaway : The Witch Who Cried Wolf (Cry Wolf #1) by Sarah Mäkelä (PNR)

Book Blurb & Info

The Witch Who Cried Wolf

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Kissa Press LLC
Date of Publication: December 2, 2013

Be careful what you wish for…

A potion gone wrong: Mia Brooks is a reluctant witch, with powers that she tries to hold in check. But when her magic gets mixed up, supernatural forces are unleashed and suddenly she’s being pursued by werewolves—that she didn’t even realize existed…

Hidden emotions: Ethan Parker, Mia’s brother’s best friend, is home from deployment for the holidays. Mia’s not only hiding from werewolves, she’s trying to keep her feelings for Ethan secret; it would be a disaster if he knew she’s been nursing a long-time crush…

The power of love: Things take a terrifying turn when Mia and Ethan are attacked by a werewolf. Ethan is amazed when Mia reveals her paranormal prowess as she tries to shield them from danger. But can she really protect them from the darkness that lurks? And how can he tell her that, for ages, he’s been denying what he really wants? Mia...

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Book Excerpt

Jessa’s New Age shop—Eternally Magick—was empty. Usually, Jessa was around. But, right now, she wasn’t. I leaned against the front counter, resting my forehead against the cool glass. Athames, crystals, jewelry and really cute dragon statues were locked in the case beneath my fingertips. While I enjoyed hanging out at the shop and seeing what new potions were available, I wished Jessa had given me some kind of clue as to why she wanted me here. But she was my best friend and mentor; the reason had to be important, if for nothing else to spend much needed time together.

I glanced over my shoulder at the wall of ingredients lining the shelves, ripe for the picking. It had been a while since I’d made a new potion. Maybe if I could stock up on a few things...

“Not what you’re here for,” I whispered to myself. The urge to see what she had nearly drove me away from the counter, but I held myself in check.

Making potions was one of my hobbies. I loved the creativity and excitement that went into building something from nothing, and the brief connection with my power.

Tapping my fingers on the counter, I stared at the curtained-off backroom. Worry crept into my chest. Why wasn’t Jessa here? She never stood me up. This wasn’t like her.

“Jessa?” Usually she came right out when the bells on the door chimed. Biting my lower lip, I considered going into the back. Someone could steal things without her keeping an eye on the store.

“Coming,” Jessa called. The black-haired and blue-eyed beauty swept into the front of the store like a hurricane of flowing skirts. She always looked like she’d just come from a Renaissance faire.

I loved the way she dressed, but I knew that style would never be my thing. My parents would think I’d flipped my lid, and my older brother.... Shudder. Nolan would laugh at me, probably joking with his best friend—and my crush since forever—Ethan Parker.

“Where have you been? I was getting concerned.” Stepping around the counter, I wrapped my arms around her and she embraced me in a hug smelling of lavender and honey.

“Just in the back. I had to wrap up a call and I guess I didn’t hear you come in.” Jessa smiled, but something was up. She appeared a bit too eager to pretend everything was fine.

“What’s going on? Are you okay?” I placed my hand on her shoulder, trying to be comforting.

The door chimed, and we turned in unison toward the shop’s new arrival.

I blinked in surprise.

The man towered in the doorway, over six feet of pure muscle. If his shirt were a little tighter, I probably would’ve been able to see six-pack abs through it. What was he doing here?

He strode in as if he owned the place. There could be no doubt: ladies would drop their panties at his command. If I didn’t have a boyfriend.... Stop it, Mia!

“I’m looking for the owner,” the man said, his deep voice as smooth and sinful as his looks. Yet beneath his delicious exterior, something about him put me on edge. The hint of arrogance in his eyes and the sharp flare of power as he walked in the room were instant triggers. This guy wasn’t a mere mortal. He was something else, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. Aside from Jessa, I’d never met anyone else with this level of power.

Maybe I needed to get out more.

Jessa cleared her throat, as captivated by him as I was by the sound of it. “I’m the owner.” Her voice hit all the sultry tones and she swayed her shoulders. “Can I help you?” I wished I could pull her aside and tell her my feelings, but that would look way too awkward.

“We spoke over the phone. I’m interested in the potion.” He leaned his hip against the counter, standing only a couple feet away. Too close for comfort.

Since Jessa had business to take care of, I sidestepped toward the wall of ingredients, but Jessa grabbed my wrist, keeping me beside her. I cast her a dirty look, but she didn’t pay me any attention, focusing her gaze instead on Mr. Way-Too-Sexy.

“Right, I don’t have any of that in right now, but this woman makes some of the best healing salves I’ve seen.” Jessa nudged me forward, nearly throwing me into Mr. Sexy’s arms.

Glancing up his body to his eyes from so close strained my neck. My five-foot-six frame probably looked tiny beside him. An overwhelming sense of lust and intimidation washed over me.

“Hi.” I fought against a shiver.

Author Interview

Hi Sarah,

Thank you so much for sitting down with Toot's for an interview. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you about your series Cry Wolf, your new book, The Witch Who Cried Wolf, and your process for our budding authors as well as fans.

So first off, Your newest book is part of your series, Cry Wolf. Let's talk about the series as a whole....

In your own words, what is the Cry Wolf series about?

The series focuses on the relationship between Mia, a self-conscious witch, and Ethan, a soldier who gets scratched by a werewolf. There will be other characters aside from them who have their own stories that build upon the story arc, but Mia and Ethan are at the center of the series.

How did you come up with the idea, title of the series and of the current book, The Witch Who Cried Wolf?

I originally came up with the idea over a year ago when I saw an anthology submission call based on military heroes or heroines who were coming home for the holidays. I started writing it, but I had so much other stuff going on at the time that I tucked it away. I loosely titled it Werewolf Future Soldier. 

In August, I was working on Vera’s Christmas Wish, and what was ‘Werewolf Future Soldier’ started giving me the “siren’s call” distracting me from Vera’s Christmas Wish and making me want to return to working on it. However, once I returned back to writing it, the story went in an entirely different direction than what I’d originally planned. For the better too!

As for the current title and series title, I love listening to Pandora, and I got inspiration from an artist’s music that I heard from there. One of my favorite songs on their album is called The Moon Is Falling Down.

Can you tell us a bit about the newest book in the series, The Witch Who Cried Wolf?

After a potion gone wrong, Mia Brooks is a witch hiding from werewolves she didn’t know existed. When her brother’s best friend comes home from deployment for the holidays, the emotions she’s suppressed boil to the surface. Not only does Ethan’s view of the supernatural shift when they’re attacked by a werewolf, but his feelings for Mia intensify to the point where he can no longer hide them.

How does the new book, The Witch Who Cried Wolf, fit into the series?

The Witch Who Cried Wolf is the first book in my Cry Wolf series.

How many books are planned for the series?

I’m not sure! I know there are authors who plan their whole series in detail before writing the first word, but I tend to go with the flow. The characters tend to direct me and it usually works out better than if I try to come up with a game plan in too far in advance. I do know this series is one of my favorites I’ve worked on though!
What was your favorite scene to write for your hero or heroine in The Witch Who Cried Wolf?

That’s tough because I enjoyed writing it overall. I’m not sure if I can choose a favorite. I enjoyed writing the scene where Mia is looking after Ethan after he’s injured though.

What was the hardest scene to write for The Witch Who Cried Wolf?

I’d say the second scene in chapter one where Mia makes a potion because I did a decent bit of research to make sure what she does is mostly accurate. So I’d say that’s probably due to it being a bit research heavy.

What is your favorite line or quote from The Witch Who Cried Wolf?

I’d say this quote is one of my favorites.

“...I showed up because I needed to tell you how I felt. I love you, Mia.”

Her jaw dropped, and she stared at me wide-eyed. Had I done something wrong? “You l-love me? You really do?”

I nodded.

“Are you sure it’s not the love potion talking?”


Do you recall how your interest in writing originated and what made you decide to pursue it as a career?

It’s a long story but three things really influenced me. My mom writing poetry when I was younger opened my eyes to writing, receiving an Excellence in Writing award in school for a children’s story I wrote (it won for the school and went on to the school district), and discovering Laurell K. Hamilton’s and Christine Feehan’s books. I’d want to write for publication after the children’s story, but I found my passion for what I wanted to write through reading urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

What inspires you to put the pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard?

I love living through my characters and going on all kinds of crazy adventures with them.

What are some of the elements in/of your writing process?

A lot of music, caffeine, and typing! Haha

Are you a Plotter or a Pantser?

I’m a combination of both. I’m shifting toward being more of a plotter, but I’ll never be hardcore. I have more of a general road map AKA I know how to get from Orlando to Miami. I might not know what restaurants I’ll eat at on the way down or how much gas will cost, but I know how I’ll get there.

Have you released anything under a different pen name, and if so, is there any difference between them?

Nope! I like keeping everything under one name.

What's next for you?

I’m currently wrapping up the final book in my Hacked Investigations (cyberpunk romance) series, and I’m revising the next Cry Wolf book called Cold Moon Rising.

Is there anything you’d like to add or say to your fans before we get into the personal questions?

I love to hearing from you guys on social media. Thanks for all the support!

Personal questions......

Now I know this is like asking you to choose between your own children, but out of all your amazing characters, who is your favorite and why?

As you said, it’s a very hard question to answer! I love Ethan and Mia, but I think my favorite book and favorite characters are the ones I’m actively working on at the time because they always shift.

Are there any of your stories or characters that hold a special place in your heart?

I do have books that mean a lot to me, but as I mentioned above, they tend to shift depending on what I’m currently working on.

If the book or series had to have a theme song, what would it be?

The Witch Who Cried Wolf’s theme song would be Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities. It perfectly describes Mia’s feelings for Ethan as well as how she feels about him overlooking her.

Is there anything from your own life or experiences that has been worked into the book?

There are a few things dealt with in the book that I relate to, such as Mia’s self-consciousness.

Lastly, let's steal an idea from the magazines.....

What 5 things do fans not know about you and 5 they don't know about the book?

About me:

1. I enjoy cooking from scratch, but I don’t do it a lot.

2. I love traveling.

3. I’m a Southern girl.

4. I like Reese’s peanut butter cups.

5. My husband and I go all out when it comes to Netflix. We don’t just watch something. We binge.

About The Witch Who Cried Wolf:

1. It’s the first book I’ve marketed as New Adult although others of my books are New Adults that are marketed as normal adult romances.

2. It’s the first book I wrote with the intention to self-publish.

3. It’s the first book I wrote with werewolves as the bad guys.

4. I did considerable research for it (potions, salves, the Army, wolves, etc.).

5. It’s one of the few books I’ve written non-linearly (aka I skipped around at times).

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking time to answer some questions. Congratulations on the new book and I can't wait for everyone to read it!

Thank you so much for having me here!

Author Info

Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author, but she’s written all over the romance spectrum with cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy...even a sweet contemporary romance!

A life-long paranormal fan, she still sleeps with a night-light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies (and Ghost Adventures), and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too.


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