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Turn Up the Heat
Pine Mountain #1
By: Kimberly Kincaid
Releasing March 4th, 2014

"It's not you."

There are only so many times a girl can hear those words before she believes that it is, in fact, very much her. Unexpectedly jilted by her locally famous boyfriend and haunted by a boss who makes Attila the Hun look like a lap dog, Bellamy Blake does what any self-respecting girl in her shoes would do. She rounds up her two best girlfriends and makes plans to get the hell out of Dodge.

But Bellamy's escape plan takes a nose dive on the side of rural route 164 when her transmission self-destructs, leaving her in the middle of a cell phone dead zone with nothing but her wits. Oh, and Shane Griffin, the hottest mechanic who's ever checked under her hood.

Yet this small-town man isn't all he seems. Can Shane and Bellamy prove that sometimes the most unlikely ingredients make the most deliciously sexy mix?

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Author Interview

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you so much for sitting down with Toot's for an interview. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you about your new series Pine Mountain, your new book, Turn Up the Heat, and your process for our budding authors as well as fans.

So first off, Your newest book is part of your series, Pine Mountain. Let's talk about the series as a whole....

In your own words, what is the Pine Mountain series about?

It’s about small town people finding big-time love, usually in places they never expected! The series centers around the chefs at La Dolce Vita, the restaurant in Pine Mountain Resort, for the most part. But there’s a really fun local bar and grill—the Double Shot— that has some hot chefs too.

How did you come up with the idea, title of the series and of the current book, Turn Up the Heat?

I’ve always wanted to incorporate food and chefs into a series, so the premise was kind of a no-brainer for me. The title was a totally collaborative effort between me, my editor and my critique partners. We came up some doozies before settling on Turn Up The Heat!

Can you tell us a bit about the newest book in the series, Turn Up the Heat?

It’s the first book in the Pine Mountain series. The heroine, a real estate analyst from Philadelphia, gets stranded in Pine Mountain during the worst week of her life. She’s at the mercy of her mechanic, who definitely isn’t all that he seems.

How does the new book, Turn Up the Heat, fit into the series?

It’s a sexy and sweet love story all on its own, but it sets the stage for upcoming characters as well as showcasing Pine Mountain as a small town with larger-than-life characters. Best of both worlds, really J

How many books are planned for the series?

There are four books plus a novella (which you can find in The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap, with Donna Kauffman and Kate Angell, from Kensington Books)

What was your favorite scene to write for your hero or heroine in Turn Up the Heat?

I have a lot of them, but I particularly love the scene where they meet. The heroine, Bellamy, is having the worst day of her life, and our hero Shane doesn’t make it any better (at first). But that spark is there right from the start, so the banter was a lot of fun to write.

What was the hardest scene to write for Turn Up the Heat?

There are some emotional scenes toward the end, particularly with Shane. I don’t want to spoil, but readers will know them when they get to them, I am sure!

What is your favorite line or quote from Turn Up the Heat?

Okay, so it’s three lines, but this is Shane’s very first impression of Bellamy and I love it! “The woman’s face was pinched from the cold, and her blond hair flew around her in a wild riot of curls. For a moment, gazing at her from his upside-down position on the floor, Shane felt as if he’d been scattered to the four corners of the garage.

She looked angelic, except for the fact that she seemed pissed.”


Do you recall how your interest in writing originated and what made you decide to pursue it as a career?

I’ve always been a writer (and a reader!) I decided a few years ago that I’d sit down and give it a shot—my kids were getting a little older and I knew it would take time. Turn Up The Heat is actually the fourth book I ever wrote (#2 landed my agent, #3 finaled in the RWA Golden Heart contest, and #1…is under my bed!)

What inspires you to put the pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard?

My daughters. I love knowing that they’re watching me grab my dreams and make them reality. Even when it’s less than glamorous!

What are some of the elements in/of your writing process?

I need quiet—no music or background noise for this girl. I edit as I write, so I’m a bit all over the place as I go. But it works for me. I don’t ever “just draft”. That would drive me nuts.

Are you a Plotter or a Panster?

Major plotter. All the way.

Have you released anything under a different pen name, and if so, is there any difference between them?

Nope, all me!

What's next for you?

I’m busy in Pine Mountain for the next 12 months. Gimme Some Sugar, book #2 in the series, will be out in June 2014, then Stirring Up Trouble in October 2014, plus a re-release of The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap that same month. Then book #4, Fire Me Up comes out in February 2015.

Is there anything you’d like to add or say to your fans?

Keep those awesome Facebook posts coming! I love hearing from you all!

Personal questions......

Now I know this is like asking you to choose between your own children, but out of all your amazing characters, who is your favorite and why?

I do have an answer to this question (I know I know I know!) but you’re going to have to wait until book #4 to get it (hint enough for you?)

Are there any of your stories or characters that hold a special place in your heart?

Oh, all of them. I really do feel like (in their own way) they’re “real”, in that their stories have taken up a lot of my mental energy over the last couple of years. Near and dear to me, for sure.

If the book or series had to have a theme song, what would it be?

“Come On Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson. Perfect blend of sexy and sweet.

Can you describe for the readers a perfect date for your couple from Turn Up the Heat?

Shane and Bellamy would probably stay in! And she would cook, of course (she’s the chef!)

Lastly, let's steal an idea from the magazines.....What 5 things do fans not know about you and 5 they don't know about the book?

About me, hmm. I am an early riser (up every day by five AM), my favorite Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints, I’m a certified yoga instructor, right now my toenails are painted red, and I can’t sing to save my life.

For the book: The original title was “It’s Not You”, in the very first brainstormed version, Shane was a rancher living in Montana rather than a mechanic living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I picked the name Bellamy because I’ve always loved it but my husband nixed it from our baby names list, in my head Shane looks like Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0, and Pine Mountain is based on a very real place called Deep Creek Lake, in Maryland.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking time to answer some questions. Congratulations on the new book and I can't wait for everyone to read it!

Author Info

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet. When she's not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as "The Pleather Bomber", she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to ├ęclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a 2011 RWA Golden Heart® finalist who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. She has written two digital novellas, Love On The Line and Drawing The Line, about hot cops and sexy chefs, with a third novella, Outside The Lines, due this summer. She is also thrilled to have collaborated on a Christmas anthology with Donna Kauffman and Kate Angell, titled The Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap, to kick off her Pine Mountain foodie series with Kensington this October. Kimberly’s first full-length novel, Turn Up the Heat, will follow in February 2014. She resides in northern Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.

Visit her any time at or come check her out on Facebook ( and Twitter (@kimberlykincaid).

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