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An Unsuitable Husband
by Ros Clarke

Theresa Chartley has no time for marriage, and no room for disappointment--especially with French soccer player Emile Renaud. Sure, he’s gorgeous, but he’s wrong for a career woman like Theresa. If only her mother would stop pressuring her to get married and let her live her own life. Finding a very unsuitable husband to shock her parents into silence and put an end to the marriage campaign is the only answer. Emile will do just fine.

Theresa’s outrageous proposal is the answer to Emile’s problem. They’re complete opposites living in different worlds, but a fake marriage will let him ditch his clingy ex once and for all. Then he’ll be free of commitment and free to live his life the way he wants to.

A contract. Twelve months. And they walk away scot-free. But a year of marriage tests them both in unimaginable ways. Maybe Emile isn’t unsuitable after all, but how can Theresa let herself love him when she signed a contract to let him go?

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Author Bio

Ros is a writer, a church worker, a crafter, a blogger, a twitterer, a lazy gardener, and an appalling housekeeper. She lives in a sixteenth century shed in England and is very glad that it has twenty-first century plumbing. She is interested in almost everything except cricket and football (US and UK) and mostly she likes happy endings in fiction and in real life. Ros has been writing stories for as long as she can remember, never dreaming that other people would be interested in reading them. A few years ago, she discovered a writing forum on the internet, and has never looked back. Her head, and her hard drive, are full of ideas for fresh, fun, contemporary romances that she hopes you’ll love as much as she does. 



Hi Ros, 

Thank you so much for sitting down with Toot's for an interview. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you about your new book, An Unsuitable Husband and your process for our budding authors as well as fans. 

So first off, An Unsuitable Husband Questions....... 

In your own words, what is An Unsuitable Husband about? 

It's about a sexy French footballer (soccer player) and a career-focussed English lawyer who has no interest in sports. It's about realising that marriage is more than just a legal contract. It's about finding common ground between two completely different worlds. Oh, and it's about having fun, winning the World Cup, and moonlight on Copacabana Beach. 

How did you come up with the title of the book and can you tell us its significance?

An Unsuitable Husband is a modern take on a marriage of convenience story. Theresa, the heroine, has a mother who is desperate to get her married to someone suitable. So she comes up with a crazy idea that she'll find the most unsuitable husband she can - Emile is a tattooed soccer star whose private life is splashed all over the tabloid gossip pages. That should keep her mother quiet in future! 

Is An Unsuitable Husband a standalone book or will it be part of a series? 

It's a standalone book. 

What genre would you say An Unsuitable Husband is and what sets your book apart for fans of the genre? 

It's a contemporary romance with a sports setting. 

Well, there just aren't very many soccer romances out there! So if you're looking for something to read alongside the World Cup this summer, An Unsuitable Husband is a great choice. It's funny, clever and sexy and I hope readers will enjoy it as much as I did. 

What was your favorite scene to write for either your hero or heroine in An Unsuitable Husband? 

I loved writing the scene where Theresa takes Emile home to meet her parents. She's told him to be as shocking as possible - and he really rises to the challenge! It was so much fun to imagine the horror on her parents' faces, as they desperately try to be polite to their new son-in-law. 

What was the hardest scene to write? 

The moment I realized I was going to have to write about Theresa attending a football match. I'd never been to one and I suddenly realized I had no idea what it was like. Watching on TV isn't the same thing at all. Fortunately a kind friend volunteered her partner's season ticket and 24 hours later I was on the terraces at the Emirates stadium, watching Arsenal play while my toes froze off! 

What's your favorite line or quote from An Unsuitable Husband? 

She was dancing and it was as though she was making love... So I took her home and made love to her as though we were still dancing. 


Do you recall how your interest in writing originated and what made you decide to pursue it as a career? 

I've always written stories, I just never dreamed that anyone else would be interested in reading them. Then I started posting some fanfic online several years ago and was fortunate to find a small group of other writers interested in using fanfic to learn to write better. Eventually I started writing original stories and finally I got curious to see if they were any good and started submitting them to publishers. 

What inspires you to put the pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard? 

Usually it's the characters. Occasionally I'll get an idea for a particular scene and build a whole story back from that, but usually I start with the characters and let them tell me their story. 

What are some of the elements in/of your writing process? 

Write. Delete. Rewrite. That's it, really. 

Are you a Plotter or a Panster? 

Total pantster. I've tried plotting first and writing synopses and outlines, detailed or vague. Mostly I just find it stifling. If I already know what's going to happen, then the story becomes boring to write for me. I like to let the characters have their freedom. And then if I need to go back and fix the plot later, I'll do that. 

Have you released anything under a different pen name, and if so, is there any difference between them? 

No. I have some academic writing under my initials or my full name, but all my fiction is under the same name. 

What's next for you? 

I'm finishing revisions on a not-at-all-traditional sheikh story featuring a geeky gamer heroine. And then I have plans for a boss-secretary story, with a female CEO and a super-efficient male PA. 

Is there anything you’d like to add or say to your fans? 

THANK YOU! That's all, really. It still amazes me every time anyone else chooses to read one of my books, and even more when they enjoy it. So a huge thank you to everyone who does. 

Personal questions...... 

Now I know this is like asking you to choose between your own children, but out of all your amazing characters, who is your favorite and why? 

Oh, that is a mean question! I think I would probably have to pick Ward, the hero of my short story Table for One. He's a chef, and his food still has me drooling, just thinking about it. 

Are there any of your stories or characters that hold a special place in your heart? 

The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh. I cared so much about that story and I feel like it's the book that's come closest to being what I set out to achieve. It's a romance between a Scottish oil heiress and a marine biologist sheikh. They both have so much to lose and are so aware of their duty, and yet they manage to find an ending that is better than either could have imagined. 

If the book had to have a theme song, what would it be? 

I am tempted to say Three Lions On My Shirt which is the song that England fans always sing at the World Cup. But I guess, in deference to Emile's nationality, it should probably be La Marseillaise. 

Lastly, What 5 things do fans not know about you and 5 they don't know about the book? 

About me: 
1. I used to write Georgette Heyer fanfic 

2. I sew and knit my own clothes (not all of them!) 

3. My first degree was in physics 

4. I've been taking lifedrawing classes this year 

5. I'm going on a transatlantic cruise next month! 

About the book: 

1. Emile's previous girlfriend was called Prada. 

2. Copacabana Beach by moonlight is the most romantic place on earth - except when it isn't! 

3. First metatarsals are very important bones, especially for soccer stars. 

4. Moules frites are Emile's comfort food. 

5. It's turns out, Theresa actually quite likes football after all. Just don't tell Emile. ;) 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking time to answer some questions. Congratulations on the new book and I can't wait for everyone to read it! 

Thank you very much for having me and asking such great questions! I hope you all enjoy the book. 

Book Blurb & Info

Betting the Billionaire
by Avery Flynn

If that man calls her one more time… So what if Gabe Campos is a model-dating billionaire who gets Keisha Jacobs hotter than a Ferrari’s engine on the straightaway? He keeps pushing her to sell her family’s furniture business, but she’ll never give in—not unless she wants to give her father a second heart attack.

All Gabe should be thinking about is how he’ll finally get revenge on the man who killed his father. But when he meets the man’s daughter, Keisha, instead of focusing on destroying Jacobs Fine Furnishings, he can’t get her warm-whisky voice out of his mind.

Forced by a snow storm to spend the night together, their passion ignites. The next day, however, it’s back to business. The only way Keisha can save her family is to win a bet with the billionaire. But neither realized their hearts are part of the bargain…

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Author Info

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip.

She fell in love with romance while reading Johanna Lindsey's Mallory books. It wasn't long before Avery had read through all the romance offerings at her local library. Needing a romance fix, she turned to Harlequin's four books a month home delivery service to ease the withdrawal symptoms. That worked for a short time, but it wasn't long before the local book stores' staffs knew her by name.

Avery was a reader before she was a writer and hopes to always be both. She loves to write about smartass alpha heroes who are as good with a quip as they are with their *ahem* other God-given talents. Her heroines are feisty, fierce and fantastic. Brainy and brave, these ladies know how to stand on their own two feet and knock the bad guys off theirs.

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