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by Tessa Bailey

He’s the last thing she wants…but the only thing she needs.

Willa Peet isn’t interested in love. She’s been there, done that, and has the shattered heart to prove it. Ready to shake the breakup, she heads to Dublin, Ireland. But there’s a problem. A dark-haired, blue-eyed problem with a bad attitude that rivals her own. And he’s not doling out friendly Irish welcomes.

Shane Claymore just wants to race. The death of his father forced him off the Formula One circuit, but he’s only staying in Dublin long enough to sell the Claymore Inn and get things in order for his mother and younger sister. He never expected the sarcastic American girl staying at the inn to make him question everything.

But even as Willa and Shane’s fiery natures draw them together, their pasts threaten to rip them apart. Can Shane give up racing to be with the woman he loves, or will Willa’s quest to resurrect the tough-talking, no-shit-taking girl she used to be destroy any hope of a future together?

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Author Info

Hi Tessa,
Thank you so much for sitting down with Toot's for an interview. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you about your new book, Unfixable and your process for our budding authors as well as fans. 

Thank you for having me! I’d love to answer your questions.

In your own words, what is Unfixable about? 

It’s the story of Willa and her journey to Dublin, hoping to get past a break-up. When she lands, she is picked up at the airport by a broody, blue-eyed Formula One driver who also owns the inn she’ll be living in for a month. Willa is basically blindsided by Shane who makes her feel again, way too soon. First and foremost, it’s a sexy romance, but it’s also a story about accepting your flaws and learning to let people see what’s inside you.

How did you come up with the title of the book and can you tell us its significance? 

Willa has a dark past, thanks to a prostitute mother and a rough childhood growing up in Nashville. She’s seen and experienced things that she truly believe make her unfixable. She doesn’t think she has the ability to love another person, so she keeps them at arm’s length.

Is Unfixable a standalone book or will it be part of a series? 

It’s a standalone. Willa is a character from a previous book of mine (Protecting What’s His) and she desperately needed her own book, but I don’t think I’ll be writing any more books in this world.

What genre would you say Unfixable is and what sets your book apart for fans of the genre? 

This is a new adult book. Willa is very mature and introspective for a nineteen year old. I think that self-aware voice is what sets UNFIXABLE apart from other books in the new adult genre. She is very aware of the world around her and has a unique perspective.

What was your favorite scene to write for either your hero or heroine in Unfixable? 

There is a scene that takes place at Dollymount Strand in Dublin. Shane takes Willa to the beach and teaches her how to drive a stick shift. Not only is it a gorgeously romantic scene that ends is some frantic sex, but something shifts inside Willa in that scene. She let’s go of something that’s been weighing on her.

What was the hardest scene to write? 

I don’t like to cry. It’s not my thing. But there was a scene where Willa talks to her sister via webcam after a pretty pivotal event. I bawled like a baby the whole time I wrote it. I probably shouldn’t have been drinking wine at the time.

What's your favorite line or quote from this book? 

“Willa, you’re so bloody beautiful, I can’t stand it.” – Shane Claymore


Do you recall how your interest in writing originated and what made you decide to pursue it as a career?

When I was fourteen, I picked up my first romance novel (off my grandmother’s shelf – ha!) and never looked back. I always wanted to write one, but didn’t have the discipline until my mid-twenties to sit and write for hours at a time. It all clicked when it was supposed to.

What inspires you to put the pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard?

I’d like to say it’s simply a compulsion. I have to write to stay sane. But on those days where I don’t feel like working, I get off my ass and do it anyway for my family. It’s important to me that I support them and make them proud of me.

What are some of the elements in/of your writing process? 

I’m not a plotter by any means. Every time I try to map the entire story out, I end up changing course almost immediately. I do a very loose outline and let the characters guide the story. I don’t like to keep them on a leash – they need some room to be spontaneous. It keeps things interesting.

What's next for you? 

I am part of a wedding continuity, releasing June 9th. My books is called “Baiting the Maid of Honor” and it’s about a broody SWAT commander who falls for the sunshiney people pleaser at the wedding of the year. They’re complete opposites that have explosive chemistry. In the fall, I’m releasing two books that are part of a BDSM-light series.

Personal questions......

Now I know this is like asking you to choose between your own children, but out of all your amazing characters, who is your favorite and why? 

Hands down, my favorite character is Willa. She was previously introduced in the first book (Protecting What’s His) and she needed her own book. Her story felt too important to leave unfinished.

If the book had to have a theme song, what would it be? 

“Luck” by American Authors.

Lastly, let's steal an idea from the magazines.....What 5 things do fans not know about you and 5 they don't know about the book?

About Me:
  1. I have a degree in journalism
  2. I eat a cracker with peanut butter on it first thing in the morning
  3. I cry hardest at sports movies
  4. I worked at Subway in high school
  5. I have a fish named Pete. 
  1. There are two pickpockets named Patrick and Brian
  2. There is a lot of outdoor hanky panky
  3. Beyone and Celine Dion make a (sort of) appearance
  4. A beat-up old Nikon camera plays a huge role in the story
  5. I went to the locations featured in the book last month and took pictures 
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking time to answer some questions. Congratulations on the new book and I can't wait for everyone to read it!

Thank you for the awesome interview! I had a blast! <3

Author Info

Tessa lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, Tessa enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes.

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