Spotlight, Author Interview & Giveaway : Hard to Hold (Hard to... #1) by Incy Black

Book Blurb & Info

Title: Hard to Hold
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Author: Incy Black
Publisher: Entangled Ignite
Language: English
Pages: 177
Format: Ebook

Anna Key Marshall is about to get what she’s always wanted: a baby. Granted, it’s through a sperm donor instead of her ex-husband, but you can’t have everything. She has no idea why someone wants her dead, but she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her unborn child—even if it means turning to her ex, the Black Ops specialist who broke her heart.

Five years ago, British Intelligence agent Nick Marshall slammed the door on the woman who betrayed him. But now Anna’s back in his life with a vengeance, pregnant and full of attitude. He’d like nothing better than to walk away, but with her life on the line, he has no choice but to do what he does best—protect her at all costs.

As old wounds resurface, Nick begins to doubt his version of what went down with Anna so long ago. And he begins to believe they might have a second chance together. But with Anna’s would-be killer on the loose—it will take the full force and fury of his protective instincts, fueled by a powerful love he can’t leave behind, to hold on to the woman he still loves.

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In your own words, what is Hard to Hold about?

Anna chose to conceive by artificial insemination fully expecting anonymity for both parties. Wrong. The donor father stakes a claim. He wants his son, or else. The ‘or else’ being Anna’s life. Enter Nick Marshall (British Intelligence) Anna’s ex, seriously pissed off, but determined to protect Anna whether she wants his help or not. Turns out the donor father isn’t the only foe who wants Anna dead.

What genre would you say Hard to Hold is and what sets your book apart for fans of the genre?

It’s a romantic suspense. Fast paced, the threats come from all directions. Even the chance of Anna and Nick rekindling their love for one and other seems impossible. Except neither character understands the concept of ‘give up’.

How did you come up with the title of the book and can you tell us its significance?

Hard to Hold is a ‘second chance’ love story. Anna and Nick are toxic together but utterly broken when apart. Holding on to love is hard, a lesson both have to learn.

How would you describe the relationship between the heroine and hero in Hard to Hold?

Decidedly cagey. Both are wary following the break down of their marriage and guard their personal vulnerabilities fiercely. They fight with the easy familiarity of a couple who have know each other a lifetime, but God help anyone else who takes a swipe at either one of them.

What would be your heroines/heroes motto:

Both would share: Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.
Anna is also inclined toward: What’s the worst that can happen?

Is Hard to Hold a standalone book or will it be part of a series?

It’s part of the “Hard to….” series. Though each book stands on its own, the heroes are all British Intelligence operatives, and friends.

What are some of your favorite lines or quotes from Hard to Hold?

Managing Anna had always been part pleasure, part pain.

She’d driven him insane most of the time, but fuck, it had been worth every dangerous second.

He knew to start with the ludicrous where this woman was concerned and work downward from there

Tempestuous makeup sex that had never solved a damned one of their issues.

Ignoring the bead of sweat trickling his spine, Nick closed his ears to the muffled sound of cascading water. The image of Anna naked in the steam was killing him. Once he would have forced the lock she’d no doubt turned against him. Sex had always been the most effective way to deal with one of her strops, and he’d liked her stroppy. Hell, he’d been guilty of deliberately winding her up most of the time. His way of reaching out to her without the need for soft words. Little wonder their marriage had gone to hell in a handbasket, their friendship incinerating right along with it. She’d needed gentle; she’d needed kind. Things he didn’t know how to give. He just didn’t have it in him.

Lastly, What 5 things do fans not know about you

· The vicar tore my wedding dress during the vows

· I named son #3 after the family cat

· Pot plants would rather die than live under my care

· My cooking is a science experiment

· I got frisked by George Bush Senior’s security detail

Author Info

It took a swan dive from a roof to convince Incy (aged 5) she wasn’t an avenging fairy and that no, she most certainly couldn’t fly. Bruised but undefeated she retreated deeper into her make-believe world populated with the brave and the poisonous.

When not fighting injustice and righting wrongs on ‘Planet Incy’, she works as a Marketing Director. (Unfortunately, her law degree languishes unused, the distinction between good and evil proving too worrisome in real life.

Her five children are well versed in what scares her (most things) and delight in pushing her neurotic buttons—at their peril.



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  1. The book looks great. Loved the interview and the 5 facts!