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“Shannon Hunt hosted a Promotional release day blitz for my newest release, Collin (A Forever Novel). She handled it with care and sure everything was taken care of. I normally don’t do these types of things for my books, but Shannon is such an amazing and hard-working person that I will be going to her for all my future releases. I can’t say enough good things about her and the whole experience. She’s A Must!” ~ Sandi Lynn, author of A Forever Trilogy, A Millionaire’s Love Series, Love Series, Remember Series

“Shannon Hunt hosted my first ever blog tour with the release of my book Hawk. I was thrilled with the results and how great she was to work with. I’ll be looking her up for my next release!” ~ Patricia A. Rasey, author of the Sons of Sangue Series

“I can’t shout enough praises about Shannon hosting my recent book’s blog tour. She went out of her way to ensure my tour had above and beyond blog participants, sending me a spreadsheet of all the blogs that had signed up, as well as updating it and notifying me when a new one was added. Once the tour began, she sent me a daily itinerary of the daily blog stops, and where I could find reviews from blogs participating in that aspect of the tour. She also stayed on top of blogs that weren’t holding up their end of participation, since that is the point of signing up for the tour and receiving an ARC from the author. Not only is she extremely passionate in representing the author she is promoting, but also is a big advocate for anti-piracy, and if suspecting a blog is only on the tour for free books, she removes them from any future tours. Shannon runs a phenomenal blog tour. I can’t emphasize that enough. Not only is she a fabulous host, but I trust her implicitly, and with the word spreading like wildfire about her tour services, I can only hope that for my next tours she’s not booked solid!” ~ Ren Alexander, author of The Wild Sparks Series

What can I say about Once upon an Alpha? Very helpful, courteous and efficient. I feel very fortunate to have met the blog owner just as my series was being released. She went above and beyond to support the promotion of my books, by reading, facilitating takeovers with me and canvassing other bloggers to help get the word out there about my books. I was fortunate that she enjoyed my work and made a fan based trailer for the series. Following this she ran the promotional tour for Love With Every Beat and again, this was supported with constant communication and checking in to ensure that things were happening in the way that they should. As an independent author, blogs such as this one are incredibly valuable resources. Once again, she read and has further supported the book by making yet another fan based trailer. (They are wonderful check them out). This blogger is a fabulous networker and is respected within the blogging community. Time and again, she has been there at a moments notice for me to pick her brains or to help with some aspect of promotion I am not familiar with. In my view she is awesome. ~ K.L. Shandwick, author of Everything Trilogy & Love with Every Beat


Hi Shannon,

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with Toot’s for this unconventional interview *grin* If you don't mind, let’s dive right in and pick your brain about your blog tour company, Once Upon An Alpha?

First, for people who may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Shannon, I’m the owner of Once Upon an Alpha, I’m a wife, mother, work full time, and I blog/PA/Social Media PR full time and I’m thirty...I’ll stay thirty actually. I LOVE meeting new people! Authors , Bloggers, Readers….I’m just a people person. I love being able to connect and be able to communicate about the things we have in common.

In your own words, tell us a bit about Once Upon An Alpha?

Once Upon An Alpha is ultimately a place where we can promote the authors we love and share with the readers the books and authors we love. Granted there are lots of pages/blogs out there and I’m forever grateful and thankful for the ones that we work with where we are able to help one another share the same goal. This is to connect with the readers and share with our fans the love we have for authors. I do believe we all stand stronger as a team than to ever be in a place where I would ever be better than anyone, besides it’s more fun being able to hang out and smush…yes smush everyone!

There is another side of Once Upon An Alpha, there is a team of us that handles the hosting of cover reveals, release blitz’s, tours and social media marketing for authors. We want to be able to help the authors and the books we love gain as much exposure as possible. Think of us as fangirls on steroids ;) I’m forever grateful for the #alphabitches that have built Once Upon An Alpha to what it is today and everyone that’s contributed towards Once Upon An Alpha, either it’s liking our page, signing up for the tours, or sharing the post that I’ve messaged them to do. I’m sure I will be in forever coffee debt to everyone but I’m forever thankful for them.

When did you start it and why?

I started Once Upon An Alpha on June 3, 2014. Wow…just typing that amazes me. I never would of thought I would be in a place where I would be with Once Upon An Alpha. I started this page, well this is “my” baby. A place to shout to the world all of the book alphas I love. Alphas in different degrees of course! We are partnered with several pages & girls and we all have the same goal in mind, connect with the readers, promote the books & authors we love. No Limitations. Can be anywhere from Contemporary Romance to BDSM to M/F/M to M/M. Nothing is off limits when it comes to Alphas ;)

When you decided to take the plunge, did you do research into it or did you jump right in?

No way could I ever jump right in! I’d drown <insert laugh> I started with partnering on Sexyways of Reading. Started the blogging thing…figured give it a try with the same goal in mind we have now. No holds barred on who/what we promote and share. Than we extended to promotions…and I remember my first tour. Ren Alexander…bless her heart she gave me a chance. I honestly didn’t know if I could deliver for her. I mean she’s entrusting “me” to help her gain exposure for her book! How nerve-wrecking! With the help of fellow bloggers and now my closest friends, Once Upon An Alpha is now partnered with over ten pages and we are friends with many more, and again I cannot empathize how THANKFUL I am for everyone! It’s so important to stay rooted and be humble, not lose focus and we are stronger as a team, and no one gets to a place in life where success can happen without being selfless.

What sets your tour company apart from others?

I think each tour company has the same goal in mind, I try to not judge myself to harshly, although my friends need to slap me back into reality every once in a while. I have what I see in my eyes the best team that works for us…the team that has become part of Once Upon An Alpha, we have the same goals in mind, we bounce ideas off one another, we each have strengths and weaknesses and we view everyone equally. Authors that we work with happen to be matched well with us. I strongly feel that to promote an author and their book under the business side of things, we must feel passionate about it. Love the work the publish and whole-heartedly believe in them and their work. It’s like match-making…well it is in a way minus the “favors” we try to limit the “favors” especially the sexual ones ;)

Any advice for authors and/or bloggers?

Have FUN!! Be personable, be understanding, be humble. “Don’t drink the water” Focus on the positive and try to think of everything with the glass half full. While there can be negativity…don’t let it eat you. Don’t let a few bad apples cloud your judgment of the blogging/author world. It really does take you a lot farther not in the reading world…but in life.

And honestly don’t ever be afraid to ask questions! We are forever asking someone something…no one knows everything, and the community is so wonderful and helpful it makes me ecstatic…and when I meet them in person! It’s wonderful knowing that they are supportive of me as I am of them.

How can people contact you or your company for more information on your services?

They can contact me directly, Shannon Hunt, message our page on Once Upon An Alpha…or even e-mail me at We make every attempt to respond promptly


What was the very first tour you promoted?

My very first tour…Igniting the Wild Sparks by Ren Alexander….while still nerve wrecking . I will be forever thankful to Ren for takin a chance on me. Love her books by the way! ;)

What is your favorite part of running a blog tour company?

Helping the authors gain exposure! There is no greater reward than knowing that readers that the authors may not have reached out to before that may not have heard of the author read their book and LOVE it than bam…another fan! Knowing that we contributed to that is such a fantastic feeling.

What's your least favorite part?

I try not to focus on the negative…just like everything there is always a negative side to everything…but the reward far exceeds anything negative.

Can you tell us about one of your most memorable moments of being a tour coordinator?

When I receive e-mails and they let me know they LOVE a certain authors books….or when they say something to the effect of “normally I don’t read this genre but OMG I can’t wait for the next book!” That’s what I want…I want that response, readers that don’t generally read a book and fall in love with the book and author or even if it’s their genre, finding out that they love the book where they may of missed reading the book because they didn’t hear about it. While this is not every response I get…which I don’t expect, I would be unfair to think everyone will love every book/author. But, just getting even one reader to say that…just wow.

If your company had to have an anthem or motto, what would it be?

Our motto is “Sinfully Sexy, Fierce When Challenged, Our Best Alpha Book Boyfriends”

It’s exactly that, Once Upon An Alpha has partnered with several pages so I wanted to incorporate them into the motto. I think is applies to us as a page, our team, the authors and books we promote and well everyone. Who doesn’t want to be Sinfully Sexy, Fierce, Be Challenged…and those alphas….oh my!

Where do you see your company in 3 years?

I want us to still be around? <inserts laugh> I want to be a stronger brand, a bigger business…but never lose focus. We all started somewhere…and to just stay humble and thankful.

A few random questions....

Most Memorable Book Memory -

This is so cliché I’m sure…but my favorite book memory is Fifty Shades of Grey. Yea…yea…I know EVERYONE says that or someone has an opinion about this series and I’m open to everyone opinion but ultimately I have to give credit to this series….this is the series that got me back into my love of reading and now I’m reading so many books I love that I may not of known about before and meet the authors that make that happen. Allows us as readers be able to “check out” and enjoy the fictional world. The books that pulls out heartstrings, that makes us so passionate about the story that sometimes you want to throw your kindle or take a break before opening the next book.

Favorite Movie -

Well, I don’t watch a lot of movies…I really dedicate all my time between being a mom and being a workaholic. Last movie I’d seen and enjoyed? Umm….Notebook made me cry…to have the love they have *swoon*..till Fifty Shades comes out of course. Oh Christian!

Favorite Song -

My favorite song is the song I did my first book trailer to Addicted to Love by Florence & The Machine

Favorite Quote -

Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see, it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly “You got this. Keep going”

Favorite Food -

OMG I LOVE FOOD!! All types & kinds of food. Ask anyone that’s seen me eat…and by the way I apologize to those that have seen me eat.

Favorite Color - 

Red….It screams sexy, makes you feel sexy, can’t help but think of love, passion, something about it screams Siren.

Lastly, what are 5 things fans don't know about you or the company?
  1. We promote EVERYONE, no matter how big or small. Although we may not be the biggest ocean…I am in love with my lake. Sometimes I say while our playground is not the biggest, I like to think it’s the one that everyone wants to play at LOL
  2. I do NOT like my food to touch..ewe…and Gravy and biscuits? Double ewe LOL
  3. Once Upon An Alpha that consists of a team….#alphabitches and I LOVE every one of them ;)
  4. People get smushed by me…kinda happens….
  5. I fangirl over authors like nobody’s business, I want to just jump all over them and loves all over them…but I behave…kinda

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