Review: Birthright (Descendant #2) by Nichole Giles

Book Blurb

Two months ago, Abigail Johnson saved the life of the boy she believes is her destiny and defeated an army of demons that have pursued her ancestors for centuries. Now, she and Kye should be taking their place as leaders of the new generation of Gifted. But the curse they thought was broken has returned, and every minute together brings them closer to death. When remaining shadow demons attack again, the Dragons send Abby to Mexico. Being apart from Kye is slowly killing her soul, and it turns out she isn't any safer here than she was back home. The shadows have tracked her, the locals expect her to help with their own demon problems, and the more time she spends away from Kye, the more she doubts the destiny that ties them together. When the demons destroy her safe house, Abby has no choice but to take the fight to them. But the arrival of an old nemesis throws their careful plans into disarray, and Abby and her friends find themselves facing new adversaries in a battle that turns fatal. This time, not everyone will make it out alive.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Abby is trying to graduate from high school even though the curse is zapping her strength. It is keeping her and Kye apart. Yet she has to have some stolen moments. She is torn either way, sick with Kye or sick without Kye. Eventually a decision has to be made and she has to leave. She is sent to Kye’s mother in Mexico. They fear there is another tomb in which demons are escaping from. Abby is sent to help close the tomb.

She is devastated when Kye doesn’t return her calls and messages. She is informed that he is trying to move on. She can’t believe he could do this. She grows closer to Gabe and relies on him to keep her safe. Things get complicated when the demons find her and Kye shows up unexpectedly. He has information that causes distrust for the ones they went to for help. Things are changing and Abby doesn’t know what to think or feel anymore.

This is the second book in the Descendant Series. It picks up where the first one leaves off. Kye and Abby are back home but realize that the curse hasn’t been broken like they originally thought. As a result Val is keeping them apart.

The reader feels sorry for the two characters. They love each other but can’t be together. There are some tear producing moments in this book, I’m not going to lie. Abby’s devastation is tangible at some points. She is a strong female lead character which I like. She is smart and courageous. She is also human, so her feelings are all over the place. The reader is right there as she goes across the spectrum of emotions.

The ending was a surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to end that way. In fact it poses more questions. The next book, I predict, will be an interesting one. I give this a 4 out of 5.

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