November Spotlight & Teasers: Stabled by Penny Lam

Book Blurb & Info

A new dark romance from the author of Struck Down!

"Don't go in there. Ever."

Maple is a smart, quiet, meek girl who, after a failed stint at college, takes a job at Deyton Ranch. The job is perfect. Free room and board, good pay, and most importantly, no one there knows her face or past. It's a place where she can hide-- even from herself.

Except some people are impossible to hide from. Her boss, J.B. Deyton, is a cowboy with money, serious sex appeal, and a secret. With tousled black hair and a commanding attitude, he's both terrifying and irresistible.

When he becomes not only her boss but also her savior, he brings forth the dark, quivering desires she keeps hidden beneath her milquetoast exterior. The job he's given her was supposed to offer her shelter, but soon Maple is in danger of running wild.

Now Maple needs to finds a way to reign herself in, or risk making the same mistakes twice. But when she opens the door to his secret, the blinders are lifted and something in her threatens to break.

She needs this job. She needs to not go in the stable. She needs to keep herself locked down.

But she isn't sure she can control her desires...or her heart.

Author's note: Not intended for those uncomfortable with violence and uncomfortable subject matter or are under eighteen. It ends with a cliffhanger.

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Author Info

Penny Lam grew up in North Carolina but never fully mastered the accent. Previously she wrote as Penelope L'Amoreaux-- sometimes she needs a little change. She skipped a lot of high school and went to more colleges than Sarah Palin. It took a long time to find something she loved doing enough to stick with it. When she isn't writing, she plays hide and seek with her daughter, attempts to do yoga, and drinks a lot of red wine.

P. lives in Raleigh, NC.

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