Review: Treasured Lies by Kendall Talbot

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From award-winning author Kendall Talbot comes a new romantic adventure to dive into…

The discovery of The Flying Seahorse, a 13th century shipwreck, nearly killed Archer’s two best friends. Now, with their recovery assured and his fiancĂ©e back at his side, Archer can finally hunt for the treasure that has haunted him since his father’s death years before.

Rosalina learned things about herself that she didn’t expect: her capacity to love, her capacity to forgive and her capacity to do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves. Shooting Nox with a spear gun saved Archer’s life, and brought them back together — this time forever. Now she’s with her fiancĂ©, in the beautiful Mediterranean, with a real chance of ending the guilt that’s tortured Archer for two decades.

But Nox isn’t dead, and he hasn’t given up. Archer and Rosalina may believe that they are safe, but nothing could be further from the truth. What once was about treasure is now about revenge — and it’s very, very personal.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Archer and Rosalina are finally diving for the Calimala treasure. Alessandro and Jimmy are still recovering from their injuries when Knox tried to kill them. Rosalina has been diving with Archer discovering the treasures in the shipwreck they have found. However Ignatius has been watching them and knows they have found something. He boards their yacht and steals what he finds.

Archer and Jimmy rush to bring up what they can before Iggy finds where the wreck is located. Rosalina thinks it is unsafe and doesn’t want them to dive anymore. They are able to recover everything from this wreckage but learn from Archer’s mother that there was more than one ship. They have only crossed off some items from the list. Archer has to return to the abbey where he found his mother to retrieve his father’s notes and research. They now have to race to find the rest of the treasure before Iggy does.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Knox survived the harpoon. He is being kept in some type of shed by two men. He has no idea where he is but the pain he feels is excruciating. Once he heals enough he plans an escape. His captors ignore him and they are predictable. He bides his time and one night attempts his escape. His frustration is increased when he finds there is nowhere to go. He refuses to give up. There has to be a way off this island and back to the treasure that is rightfully his.

I read the first book and really liked the story. It was full of suspense and awesome characters. Archer and Rosalina had to find their way back to each other. Now they are engaged and working together to finish what Archer’s father started. Archer’s mom is aboard as are the rest of the gang; Jimmy, Alessandro and Ginger.

The dives are discoveries are full of danger as is the competition. Archer is worried about keeping everyone safe. The author really shows how cutthroat treasure hunting seems to be. People kill each other for what is found. It makes for a suspenseful and exciting story. I cheer on team Archer as the story evolves. You want them to find the treasure fulfilling his father’s dream. Then return to Italy and live happily ever after. Of course it wouldn’t be a good story if there wasn’t some major obstacles in the way. It was a great read and I recommend this second book. Love the characters and the adventure. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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