Review: Nocturne by Elaine Corvidae (HR)

Book Blurb

After the king she loves sets her aside for another woman, Anne Greensward must submit to an arranged marriage in a barony far from the court. On the way to meet her new husband, she encounters a masked highwayman known only as Nocturne, who first saves her life—then promptly steals her dowry.

The king and court consider the dashing bandit to be nothing more than a villain and a traitor. But away from the glittering world of the palace, Anne begins to see the truth: the common people are suffering, and Nocturne may be the only man who can bring them justice.

When she learns of a plot to capture him, Anne must choose between the chance to regain her place at the king’s side, a quiet life with her new husband, or Nocturne—a man whose face she has never seen.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Anne Greensward is on her way to marry Baron Greymuir. The king has taken a new mistress and Anne finds herself in a carriage leaving the life she loves. On her way to her new life she tries to save a maiden from being attacked by the guards at the toll gate. The guards turn on her and back her in with the maiden. Her cousin Edward tries to intervene but is unable to help.

Out of the night a man known as Nocturne comes along to interfere. However the situation doesn’t go as she expects. She is determined to let the King Robert know what is happening. So she writes a letter to the Minister of War. The response isn’t what she expected or wanted. Then there is another incident with the Knights and Gerard.

Anne feels responsible. She decides to make a deal with the devil, himself. She asks Nocturne to train her to protect herself. She hates feeling helpless. She learns more about the man than she expected.

When a trap is laid to catch him, Anne has to decide what she really wants in the midst of shocking revelations.

I liked this story. Anne finds herself in love but cast aside. Her heart is broken and she is closed off. She is, however, kind. Those at court are not kind in any means. So I like she had that trait to begin with. She started evolving as a person when she realized how others saw her and what was really happening away from the palace.

I love how she met Nocturne. It’s funny how he saves her but then robs her. Then she gets to her new house and is shocked. It’s not what she expected at all. Someone definitely wanted her out of the way and shipped her off. I feel totally sorry for her but you know she is better off in the long run.

There is a bit of mystique in her new home. Nocturne, her husband, and Gerard are Chymists. Gerard uses secrets to heal people. Nocturne uses it to rob people and her husband seems to use it in his academia. It is exactly the opposite of what she once had. It said a lot that she didn’t grow bitter. So she is a great character in my mind. She never gave up and grew tougher as the story progressed. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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