Review: Resistance (Dark Realm #1) by Patricia Mason

Book Blurb

From Award-Winning and Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author Patricia Mason, comes this exciting new paranormal romantic suspense, Resistance: Dark Realm Series Volume One.

As a Resistance fighter in a dark realm, Amy battles evil forces just to stay alive. Now a mysterious man has come into her life and for the first time Amy knows she could fall in love. But is he a savior or a betrayer? Will he help her save mankind from extinction or will he destroy her humanity?

This is a 15,000 word novella, the first volume in a five volume series.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Amy is human but was adopted by vampires as the result of Prince Leopold’s Operation Re-parentage. On her thirteenth birthday, her parents throw her a party. Something devastating happens that changes her life.

Eight years later she is a part of the human resistance. She is known as Corporal Amy. She and her superior are in route to talk to a demon for information on what Prince Leopold might be doing now. The way is dangerous and Driscoll is not being careful as they make their way. They come across a ghoul feeding on a young boy. Amy can’t stand to leave even though Driscoll gives her a direct order. She can’t leave the boy to that fate. Her guilt won’t allow her. She fights to free the boy as Driscoll stands and does nothing. The boy, Cam, ends up helping save himself from the ghoul. Once free the group including Cam continue on to see the demon.

Things get worse. Cam’s father is missing, Fenwick’s shop is attacked by ravens, and a mystery man named Marlowe shows up. Amy has no clue who to trust or what she should do. Nothing is going as it should and she doesn’t know who is the enemy and who is not, but Prince Leopold needs to be stopped.

I liked this story. It was pretty action packed and full of paranormal characters. There are a lot of secrets brewing. Something happened to Amy that she refuses to think about. We don’t know who or what Marlowe is, yet he seems to know more about Amy than he lets on. Lots and lots of unknowns being thrown at the reader. As you read more questions are raised then answered.

As a result there just wasn’t enough in this book for me. I felt as things were getting started, the story was over. I had a “that’s it” reaction at the end. Too short but a good story plot. I give it a 3 out of 5.

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