FREE BOOK REVIEW: Wild (Dark Riders Motorcycle Club #1) by Elsa Day

Book Blurb

Which will she choose? Love, or safety?

Lilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student. In her dreams she is a nurse, has a family, and is safe. That's not much to ask.

But when she's forced to return to her childhood home because of her mother's illness, everything changes.

>Lilly's car crashes and she's taken in the night by the Dark Riders. It could have been any motorcycle club, but it was his.

Lilly's first love.

Asher Thomas is bigger, stronger, and more damaged than Lilly remembers, but he never forgot about her.

They still burn for each other, but is this the life for Lilly? Can she put her white picket fence dreams on hold and trade them in for the rough love of an outlaw biker?

Wild is the first entry in the Dark Riders Motorcycle Club serial, following the story of Lilly and Asher. The series contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Lily Clarkfield is heading home to help with her mom who has cancer. She has an accident on the way home. Her phone is broken and no one to help her. After what seems hours a group of motorcycles comes down the road. She is uneasy and hopes they keep going, but they don’t. She is grabbed and placed behind a handsome biker called Wild. She is apprehensive but has no choice. She is shocked when they drive her home.

Wild is actually Archer Thomas who was her childhood friend. She hasn’t seen him in years. He is the V.P. for the Dark Riders Motorcycle Club. He is angry she left him six years ago and now tells her to leave, no one wants her here.

Lily is torn. She doesn’t know what she should do. She heads out to think about things. He shows up behind her hearing her defend him to two guys in the bar. She finally has a chance to tell him she didn’t want to leave him. She had no choice.

Archer gives her the choice to stay and be with him or leave and have a different life. He tells her she has to be down with the Dark Riders. In order to decide she has to know what they do. She asks Archer to show her. So he takes her along. Things get dangerous as a rival gang gets involved and the clubs come together and fight each other. Lily gets close and personal with the life of the Dark Riders. Her life is forever changed and she has no idea if Archer will be able to protect her.

This was a fast paced story. Lily falls into the middle of the Dark Riders lives by going home and getting into a car accident. I love that she and Archer are first loves and have known each other since they were children. Bits of their history comes through as the story evolves. Archer was sweet to her and it is obvious he still loves her.

Unfortunately for them to be together, Lily is dragged into the dangerous life of Motorcycle clubs. She is caught in the middle. I love that she tries to help and do her best using her nursing skills. The ending is shocking. I wasn’t expecting it and it set things up for the next book in the series. I am dying to see what happens next. It’s a great short story of the biker life and an innocent young woman trying to be with her first love. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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