Review: Seeing Stars (The Celebrity #1) by J. Sterling (CR)

Book Blurb

Madison Myers is a hard working assistant to one of LA's top talent agents. Determined to make a respectable name for herself in the business, the last thing she wants in her life is singing sensation Walker Rhodes, with his non-stop tabloid filled antics and bad boy behavior.

But after he pulls her onstage during one of his concerts and serenades her in front of thousands of screaming fans, all bets are off. She doesn't want to give in to his charms, but Walker is relentless... and keeping a secret of his own.

A secret that changes everything between them.

Come fall in love with Walker & Madison in Seeing Stars.

Seeing Stars is part of the Celebrity Series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but it is recommended that you read them in order to get the full effect. :)

Seeing Stars - Book #1

Breaking Stars- Book #2


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Madison works for a talent agency in LA. She works hard and wants to be a full agent. She knows she has to work her way up by working long hours, but she has her goals. Her roommate, Keri, is a production assistant for her dad. So they both know the business and support each other.

One night Keri begs her to go to a concert. It’s to go see Walker Rhodes. They have third row tickets on the floor. So crazy good seats and Keri needs it for work, how could she say no. Madison gives in and goes. Little does she know Walker will pick her out of the crowd to go on stage. At the end she refuses to give him her number. She doesn’t want to be one of his many girls he is photographed with. Afterwards he seems obsessed with her. He asks everyone for her number until he is able to leave her a message at work.

Her boss is a jerk when he gives her an ultimatum. She is forced to go out with Walker and her life changes forever. He isn’t what she thought and he keeps a big secret that shocks her when she learns what it is.

I loved this story. It was fun to dream about being singled out by a big star during his concert then being pursued by said star. Every girl loves that fairy tale like love. It was a sweet story and I loved how it progressed. I read it over Valentine’s Day so I felt it was a fitting story. The secret Walker kept was creative. The author came up with a unique connection. It was sigh worthy and fun to read. Basically a feel good story. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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