Review: Shadowed Ground (The Chronicles of Nowhere #2) by Vicki Keire

Book Blurb

Chloe Burke has only two choices left: run or fight.

As she wakes from a poisoned sleep with silver scars across her back, her aunt’s diary may provide the only clues about the creatures of fire that hunt her. 

Separated from her last living relative and the only home she has ever known, Chloe must rely on the deadly Eliot Gray to guide her through the strange world she suddenly finds herself inhabiting. It’s a world where the Abandoned wear human bodies like cheap suits, where the Landing finds itself threatened by its nearest neighbors, and Chloe and Eliot must watch their every move. 

A dangerous road stretches on before them, and Chloe and Eliot must learn to work as a team against the deadly predators that threaten a whole new world. As the bonds of trust grow, they must be careful not to tread upon time-honored boundaries: those forbidding Guardians to act on feelings for their Wards. Determined not to let the only home she remembers suffer the same fate as the world of her childhood, Chloe finds herself in a race to reach Gray’s Landing before it is too late.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In book two of The Chronicles of Nowhere, Chloe has healed from being burned by the wraithfire. She and Eliot are hiding in the cabin that Calista owned. He has also given Chloe her diary. He hopes it will help Chloe learn who she is and what she is to do. Chloe still has no idea who she really is.

Chloe is shocked and angry. How could her parents lie to her? She attempts to read her aunt’s diary. The information shared really shocks her. Then when Eliot tries to teacher her how to defend herself, her anger gets the better of her. She calls the wind again and breaks out all the windows in the cabin. Eliot decides to take Chloe to the Landing but the safest way is the long way. They need to leave immediately. Her powers draw the Abandoned.

She fights the truth but trusts Eliot to keep her safe. They steal a car and travel as far as they can stopping at a motel. They ditch the car at a truck stop and buy another one. Chloe finds out that Eliot has fake identification for them both and money. Soon Chloe decides she needs to stop and get clothes and essentials. The Abandoned eventually find her and Eliot. A battle ensues and she has to face one on her own. She instinctively figures out how to fight it. Chloe has to take control when Eliot is injured. She needs to learn as much as she can and she has to face her past and her future.

This series is getting better and better. I love how the story is evolving. Eliot is protecting Chloe. Cass is protecting Miranda. Both groups are making their way to the Landing. As they go Cass and Miranda gain a lawyer by saving him. Then they have also gained an ally in Alexander Ravenwood. He fears for his sister and what is happening at his house.

There are battles, near misses and chases. The journey that Chloe is on is full of danger and shocking revelations. Chloe is getting better at dealing with it. She only throws a couple of tantrums in this one. So as a character Chloe is slowly getting better and dealing with things. She isn’t yet a character I truly love but hopefully she is on her way.

The scenes at the Ravenwood residence adds a side story which is interesting. I wonder where Alexander fits in. As I read the story I would speculate why these things are important and what would happen next. I love books like this. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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