Review: Slipperless Series Box Set: Five Volume Collection: Slipperless Books 1-5

Slipperless Series Box Set: Five Volume Collection: Slipperless Books 1-5 Slipperless Series Box Set: Five Volume Collection: Slipperless Books 1-5 by Sloan Storm
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Wow, oh wow! As a blogger, reviewer and avid reader I wish I could give this series negative stars. I think this has been by far the absolute worst heroine and hero of any romance I have ever read. The heroine is portrayed as a lab rat who is supporting her very sick grandmother and in debt with medical bills to the tune of a half million dollars. She's originally portrayed as very unselfish to the point of martyrdom but once she meets a billionaire playboy (Gabe) in a bar while partying with friends, she magically falls to pieces. She is described as being overweight at one point and has zero self-confidence but the billionaire Gabe doesn’t care and finds her sexy *can you say “cliché” - eye roll*. When they meet, she's partying because she has an interview in the morning (seriously chick! you're going to get a hangover before a huge interview?) Little does she know, the interview is at the billionaire's company and guess what......she's hired (shock-awe)! The billionaire, being in lust with her and seeing the diamond in the rough that she is, gets a stroke of genius and creates a new position as lab manager for a new prospective contract and to make it fair (and not show favoritism), he creates a contest for the employees to enter (seriously!). The winner wins the job! He asks her to enter the contest to be the lab manager (*drumroll* which she wins!) and then she's magically a manager because she's smart and sleeping with the boss but that has nothing to do with why she got the job (wink, wink). Any who, like any wimpy woman, she cracks under pressure because everyone treats her badly (boohoo!). They are ganging up on her because she’s not qualified and think she is sleeping with the boss. They also claim that's why she got the job (which she is and she did)!  From then on, it's her crying and whining, running to Gabe for help, running from Gabe because she has all this personal drama, leaving work early, not doing work when she knows she's in charge, literally passing out, putting the entire company in jeopardy (because she really can't do the job but he refuses to give up - seriously! *grabs Gabe’s head for a shake* you seriously are willing to put your company and all those who rely on the job on the line for a piece of a$$? She can't do the job dummy! *shakes my own head at the idiot*).
Unfortunately, the readers (us) are kept in the dark just as much as Gabe about her bi-polar antics and as you can tell (if you’re read this review this far) I have no sympathy for the idiot billionaire because his dumb a$$ kept chasing after her, kept her in her position and put his company last even though he kept saying it was most important.
The heroine is insufferable and the hero is a very stupid businessman who gives alpha males and businessmen a bad name. There is nothing sexy about a complete idiot who treats his company like his own dating pool and puts the livelihood of everyone in jeopardy over a freaking doormat, idiot of a woman who can’t keep her priorities, feelings or life in line. I mean he even admitted to "fishing in his own pond" for his sexual needs. The dude should have been brought up on sexual harassment. I mean ugggggg he covers for her stupidity and ineptitude so much that when millions are on the line with investors, he says that he needs to delay the presentation and as an apology, he's give all the investors a one week paid vacation on the island they are having the meeting on........seriously dude! Think about it…...if they are investors, they could pay for it themselves, business is business! He's unprepared, doesn't cover his assets or protect his investments.

This book is horrible, the characters are unrealistic, the situations are unrealistic and the whole thing is not worth the read unless you want to read about a very selfish, self-centered, hero and heroine. *mic drop* I'm over it!!!

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