Review: Worlds Burn Through (The Chronicles of Nowhere #1) by Vicki Keire

Book Blurb

Chloe Burke has nightmares of a world burned to ash and the strange boy who saves them both.

Underneath the dreams lurks a deeply buried reality; Chloe and a handful of others are survivors of a decade old apocalypse that burned their home world to the ground.

Now their ancient enemies hunt them again. To keep their adopted world safe, Chloe must undergo a ritual of blood sacrifice that will have life-long consequences if she survives. Her lethal protector, Eliot Gray, must keep her alive long enough to do it.

Together they will uncover even more dangerous secrets buried in the past’s deepest, darkest ashes. 


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In book one of The Chronicles of Nowhere, Chloe Burke just lost her father and she is extremely angry at her mother, Miranda. Chloe basically refuses to do what her mother tells her. She also has these strange dreams of fire and a dark haired boy. These shocking dreams add to her anger.

One night she is determined to go out with her friends instead of stay home with her mother. The date starts out normal but goes downhill fast. Her date decides to drug her and try to force things on her. Even stranger things start occur. As she is fighting off her date the wind picks up and breaks the window cutting him. Then the door busts open and a dark haired man enters the room.

His name is Eliot Gray and he is her guardian. He is there to save her and take her to a safe place. She doesn’t know who she really is or that her life is in danger. The Abandoned are after her and they attempt to kill her in the alley but Eliot is there to save her. He takes her into hiding while his uncle protects her mother Miranda.

This story is an interesting one. Miranda and Chloe have been in hiding for most of Chloe’s life. She has no clue who she really is. Of course the Abandoned find her and come after her. Eliot is her bonded guardian but she has no memory of him. There is a lot going on as this story begins. The author keeps things moving pretty well. The only part that annoys me is Chloe’s attitude. She is a brat. I realize she has had a devastating loss and her life is in danger but her anger and hate toward her mother is beyond ridiculous.

It will be interesting to see if she changes. I really hope so. I can’t enjoy a story if I don’t like the characters. So far however I’m cutting her some slack. She has had a bad week. I can’t wait to read what happens next as I really like the story as it evolves. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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