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Xavier Cold Xavier Cold by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like every other fan of this story, I waited with baited breath for the conclusion of Xavier and Anna’s HEA but after reading it, I feel just meh.
You definitely need to read the first book to get right with the story but my advice would be to just stop right there. The first book (just like its title) is Phenomenal but the follow up concluding story is Cold (did you catch my play on words – totally intentional and funnier with a glass of wine - *winky face*)
I was hoping, like the first, for a bit more uniqueness and less cliché but like most romance traps, boy and girl are happy, boy and girl break up because it's for the greater good, boy and girl figure their crap out, fight to make it right, live HEA (rinse, repeat). Throw in a few baddies and situations trying to tear them apart and there you have it…... just as cliché as the formulaic story. The only saving grace is that we love the characters.
Unfortunately what started out as a genuinely unique storyline and characters has fallen into the same old contemporary romance patterned formula and it brings nothing unique for the second helping.
*tosses book over shoulder to the growing pile* "On to the next!"

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