ARC Review: No Love Allowed (Untitled #1) by Kate Evangelista

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It's all fun and parties until someone falls in love in this modern fairy tale from author Kate Evangelista.

Caleb desperately needs a fake girlfriend. Either he attends a series of parties for his father’s law firm with a pretty girl on his arm, or he gets shipped off to Yale to start a future he’s not ready for and isn’t sure he wants. And sadly, the last unattached girl in his social circle has just made the grievous mistake of falling in love with him. Fortunately, Didi, recently fired waitress and aspiring painter, is open to new experiences. As the summer ticks by in a whirl of lavish parties, there’s only one rule: They must not fall in love!

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Caleb broke up with Amber because she broke his rule. She fell in love with him. Of course she tried to make a scene until Diane, the waitress at the club, accidentally spilled water on her. Caleb is relieved and feels indebted to Diane. Amber storms out and Caleb is free. He decides to celebrate with a joint in a secluded place.

Diane, or Didi, quit her job after an awful day and ends up in the secluded spot with Caleb. She surprises him by sharing the joint and then jumping off the cliff into the water below. Caleb jumps off to save her. He doesn’t realize she doesn’t need saving. He is intrigued by her and she is by him. She walks away knowing she won’t see him again. He doesn’t belong in her world.

Caleb gets into trouble by his father for breaking up with Amber. As a result he has to intern at his father’s firm and attend all the company’s social gatherings for the summer. Now he has to find someone to accompany him. In the words of his friend Preston, a fake girlfriend. Didi comes to mind and he comes up with a business deal. He has to pose for her and she will be his fake girlfriend for the summer. Only rule he gives is not falling in love which Didi agrees.

Unfortunately things don’t go the way Caleb plans. His father interferes and Amber makes threats. Then he learns of Didi’s condition. His feelings are all over the place and he doesn’t know what to do.

I liked this book. The characters were a bit broken. Caleb lost his mother to suicide and his father through withdrawal from life. Didi’s dad left after a bad episode she had. So it is mild to say they each have issues.

I love Didi’s attitude though. She is exactly what Caleb needs. She is straight forward and has an eye for detail. In other words she sees things others may not pick up on. Plus she is up for anything, even a makeover from Nathan. She comes across as a lot of fun and full of life. I liked her instantly.

The rest of the characters were extremely likable. Nathan, Natasha, Preston and Caleb were accepting when it came to Didi which I liked a lot. Her financial situation bothered her more than it did them. It was a great noted difference that the author included. Then throw in Caleb’s father as the type of villain. Someone you can’t stand. You feel sorry for Caleb. His home life sucks. The ending is sweet and I love how the author builds things up. There is heartbreak and then a second chance. Awesome read. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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