FREE BOOK Review: Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts by Talli Roland (CR)

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Does every relationship deserve a second chance?

When chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London's quirkiest new attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she's got it made. Sure, it's a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose is determined not to let it break her 'love conquers all' spirit. After discovering the museum's handsome curator is nursing a broken heart of his own, Rose steps in to fix it.

Can Rose bring about a happy ending before it's too late, or are some relationships beyond saving?

Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts is a novella of 20,000 words, and also gives readers a sneak peak at the first chapter of Talli Roland's novel Build A Man.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Rose works in the basement of the British Museum and is waiting for her boyfriend to get back from Vietnam. He has been gone a year and she is waiting for him. She believes in happy ever afters. So even though Gareth hasn’t emailed or talked to her much, she still believes their relationship is worth it.

Things change in her life when she finds an ad for an assistant curator for the Museum of Broken Hearts. She applies for the job. Out of the blue, weeks later she gets a call for an interview. Heath Rowan is the curator of this new museum. He is handsome and makes Rose nervous from the start.

He hires her and she starts working on getting the museum ready for its opening. She works hard and is dedicated to the project. She also likes Heath. They seem to get along well. She wants to make things better for him and tries to get his estranged mother to help.

When things backfire Rose is at a loss about what to do. Then Gareth shows up on opening night and everything falls apart.

This was a cute short story. I love the storyline about the museum and how it came to be. It was interesting to see Heath and Rose work hard to accomplish his grandmother’s dream. I like how they worked together and slowly grew closer.

Rose is a caring person. I liked her but she seemed very na├»ve. She put up with her boyfriend Gareth’s behavior. She settled for it because she thought they could have a happy ending. She also thought that Heath and his mother could reconcile. She overstepped and almost lost her job. She had to learn the hard way that not all relationships deserved a happy ending, including hers.

It was a fast read. The ending was sweet and expected but that doesn’t take away from the story. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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