Review: Hidden (Chalice Blood #1) by E.R. Davis

Book Blurb

**Steamy 18+** Paranormal Romance Serial Novel | 16,000 Words | Part 1 of 5

There’s only one substance on earth that can create a new vampire–the blood of a Chalice, a rare individual with magic in her veins. Atlanta’s human-vampire Civility Laws demand that if a Chalice is found, she must be destroyed.

Heiress to a family tradition of ward-working, house painter Dessa Collier has spent the past twelve years pretending vampires don’t exist. When a friend-enemy walks back into Dessa’s life after a decade-long absence, everything Dessa has been hiding from comes crashing down on top of her.


Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In the first book in the Chalice Blood series, Dessa Collier is what vampires think of as a human chalice. She is one of the few that can create new vampires with her blood. The vampire laws demand that she be killed so she doesn’t make more vampires. She is attacked by shades when she is a teenager. Teijon Reyes and his ciadal come to her rescue. They destroy the new vampires and are charged with killing her. He can’t kill her. He kills his ciadal to protect her and tells her grandfather to hide her.

Twelve years later she is thrust into the vampire world again coming face to face with Teijon. She remembers him and how he made her feel. He is now her appointed guardian as she fulfills the job she was given no choice to take.

I like the internal battle that Teijon is fighting. His pull to Dessa is instant and you know when they get together it will be pretty hot. There is mostly teasing and no real true sex scene but definitely a nice build up. Makes you want to continue with the story to see how things unfold. I like both characters. Dessa and Teijon are both caught in some tough situations making tough decisions. She is clinging to her self-preservation and he is fighting himself.

The story is a different take on vampires which is refreshing. I like the twist of the chalice the author created and the connection that the main characters have. I definitely want to see what happens next. I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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