Review: Chase the Dark (Steel & Stone #1) by Annette Marie

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Piper Griffiths wants one thing in life: To become a Consul, a keeper of the peace between humans and daemons. There are three obstacles in her way.

The first is Lyre. Incubus. Hotter than hell and with a wicked streak to match. His greatest mission in life is to get Piper into bed and otherwise annoy the crap out of her. The second is Ash. Draconian. Powerful. Dangerous. He knows too much and reveals nothing. Also, disturbingly attractive — and scary. Did she mention scary?

The third is the Sahar Stone. Top secret magical weapon of mass destruction. Previously hidden in her Consulate until thieves broke in, went on a murder spree, and disappeared with the weapon.

And they left Piper to take the fall for their crimes.

Now she’s on the run, her dreams of becoming a Consul shattered and every daemon in the city gunning to kill her. She’s dead on her own, but there’s no one she can trust — no one except two entirely untrustworthy daemons ... See problems one and two.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

In book one of the Steel and Stone series, Piper Griffiths is an apprentice consul and she is worried.  She fails at stopping a fight between two daemons.  She is also the only female haemon born of two haemon parents still alive.  Having no magic seems to be the cause.  She has to work extra hard to prove herself.  Her father, the head consul, doesn’t even seem to have faith in her.
On the night of an important meeting her father gives her something to hold onto and important instructions to keep Ash and Lyre upstairs until he says they can come down.  Piper is not happy with the babysitting responsibility but she is determined to prove to her father that she can do her job.  When the building is rocked by an explosion and a dangerous creature from the underworld is unleashed in the building, Piper and both daemons have to work together to escape.
Things get more complicated when they are accused of stealing the Sahar stone and killing the people found in the vault.  Piper, Ash and Lyre flee trying to stay a step ahead of the Prefects and the daemons who want the Sahar.  Piper has to rely on Ash and Lyre as they try to survive being hunted.
I loved this book.  It was immediately action packed.  The first scene is of Piper trying to defuse an intense situation between two daemons.  She is determined to prove herself against the odds.  I liked her instantly.  She is a fighter.  I also felt for her.  The author gives her a deceased mother and a father who is distant.  She basically has herself to count on.  She is closed off so she doesn’t get hurt and tries to be business all the time.  The author doesn’t really give her any friends.  She seems to be completely alone.  You instantly want her to show all the doubters that she is quite capable of doing what she needs to do.

Then add in the daemons Lyre, an incubus, and Ash, a draconian.  Lyre is harmless but annoying at first for Piper and Ash is the scary one, but both care enough for Piper to help her.  The three form this bond.  I love how Piper comes to rely on them and trust them when she has never done this before.  I couldn’t put it down once I started.  It was an exciting story with great characters.  I give it a 5 out of 5.

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