Review: Destroy You (Destroy #3) by K.D. Carrillo

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After standing by her friends, Becca and Kate, as their pasts came back to torment them, Toni's grateful for her seemingly normal childhood. But when the nightmares she suffered as a little girl come back to haunt her, she hides her panic behind a party girl reputation.

Trent is attracted to Toni the instant she walks into his bar, and for the first time he finds he's interested in more than another fling. He's ready to find a woman who's willing to look beyond his tattoos and lip ring to see he's good for more than a one-night stand. Toni challenges him more than anyone ever has, but he's determined to dig beneath the fake smiles she gives everyone to see what lies beneath.

As Toni and Trent get to know each other they learn that nightmares can be real, and sometimes the people you let close can destroy you.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Toni has been pressured by her parents to date Miguel throughout high school.  Her parents have it planned that she will marry him.  Toni tries hard to love him like she should but when she catches him in a compromising position it is the last straw.  She is never going back.
On that same night she meets bartender, Trent.  His interest is peaked and he is determined to get to know her which shocks him because he has never taken the time to get to know a girl.  Toni agrees to be friends.
Toni has a hard time letting people in and fights her growing feeling for Trent.  Trent refuses to give up.  However there are obstacles in the way.  Trinity, Trent’s foster sister, keeps trying to get in the way and Miguel won’t leave Toni alone.  Something else is going on as things get more dangerous.  Toni’s nightmares are coming fast and often.  Shocking secrets are revealed when everything explodes around Toni.
I liked this book.  I couldn’t get into it in the beginning because I couldn’t stand Toni.  She went along with everything and didn’t stand up for herself.  That alone almost made me stop reading.  I was disgusted at her character especially when she kept going back to Miguel.
Once she met Trent and from that point on it became a better story for me.  The fear that Toni had about getting close was definitely expected.  So as the story progressed I liked Toni more and more.  She grew into a strong character even when her life was falling apart around her.
The storyline was crazy.  All of a sudden the author is throwing in these dangerous situations.  Lots of secrets are surrounding Toni and her family.  You have no clue what but agree with the other characters’ assessment and suspicions.  You get drawn into the mystery and danger.  Nothing is what you thought.

The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger setting things up for the next installment.  I like the group of friends and their crazy, dangerous encounters that they save each other from.  This is a great story and I give it a 4 out of 5.

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