ARC Review: Empire (Eagle Elite #7) by Rachel Van Dyken

Empire Empire by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow well what can I say about Empire besides…..IT.WAS.SO.FREAKIN’.EPIC!!! Rachel Van Dyken’s new addition to the Eagle Elite series will leave you with a total book hangover and in a good way. If you haven’t read the series, DO.SO.NOW!!! But if not, this can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you at least read the first half of this saga - Eagle Elite #6, Elude, The reason I say that is because Elude was about Sergio and Andi’s story whereas Empire is about Sergio and Val……and no he doesn’t HEA hop, in fact, Andi ends up passing away from Cancer (sorry for the spoiler) but before she goes, she sets up Sergio with an Epic love story, in Empire, from beyond the grave as her last act of love and gets everyone involved in the plot (for his own good *wink*). Amazing right??? I don’t want to give more away but just know that the story is full of heartache, betrayal, a broken Alpha male whose heart is torn into pieces, a young innocent girl who’s been cherished and sheltered to the point of naiveté, an arranged marriage, a shared history, the Mafia, mysterious letters, fairytales, death, birth, rebirth, violence and love - all rolled into one epic story!!! Seriously, I didn’t even exaggerate *grin*

If you love family stories, second chances, mystery, Mob, starry-eyed girls and shredded alpha males? You’re going to love this book/series.

I totally pounded it out in one day. I laughed, I cheered, I cringed, I hated and I loved. It was good fun and well worth the read. Now *searching online* when’s the next one out!

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