Review: Hell Bent: A Wild Young Adult Romance by Karen Crompton

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South Shore's bad boy surfer Beau Huntington has a solid plan to get through life: one night stands, copious amounts of alcohol, and walls so high no one can ever get in - it's all about numbing the pain. And his plan's working fine - until he meets Corrie Johnson. That's when things begin to unravel. Because falling in love was never part of the plan. Angry, bitter and confused, Beau's violent temper lands him in trouble more often than not - but he's about to learn that the fight of his life doesn't involve his fists.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Beau Huntington was arrested and sentenced to community service at the pool center.  The judge warned him to take a good look at what he is doing.  He is almost eighteen and if he keeps going this way it will be jail.
On his first day of community service he spots a pretty girl getting out of the pool after her swim practice.  His interest is immediately peaked.  She, however, wants nothing to do with him.  That doesn’t deter him though.  His interest is not like it usually is.  He isn’t just looking for a hook up.  Somehow she is different and he is unsure why.
His anger and fighting scare her and she has a good reason to not like it.  Beau promises Corrie he will try not to fight.  He and Corrie grow closer.  He is determined to protect her.  He hasn’t told her the whole truth about himself though.  He knows he needs to but he is afraid of losing her.  Of course all secrets are revealed, especially big ones.
There was a lot of teenage angst in this story.  Beau is angry and treats girls horribly.  I like his character because he is human.  He isn’t handling his grief well and the author made it a realistic situation.  The strain in his family is believable.  It could be a family you know trying to survive the tremendous loss they suffered.
The relationship between Beau and Corrie is instant and intense.  In most cases it would throw up red flags but in this case the author basically gave the character a life line.  They each pull each other through.

Beau’s life has to hit an all-time low in order to get help.  Definitely realistic.  The author also included a minor character that loses his battle with sobriety. The story is jam packed full of real- life situations.  It makes you stop and think which, is a positive part of the story even though it contains such a heavy topic.  It is a good read and I give it a 4 out of 5.

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