Review: Instalove by Lexy Baker

Book Blurb

Sparks fly in this New Adult romance of celebrity love on a college campus!

A month after losing her mother, Avery Edwards arrives on campus alone and shattered, hoping only to make it through the year and stay under the radar. Until she meets Declan Hargrove, ex-teen heartthrob and campus celebrity, who just so happens to be her Resident Advisor. With dark hair and striking blue eyes, Declan definitely lives up to the rumors.

Unfortunately, so does his reputation.

The night before Avery arrived on campus, Declan was caught with his pants down. Literally. The "Stairwell Video", as everyone dubs the sex tape, only makes Declan more desirable on campus, while it turns the girl into an instant pariah. Livid at the double standard, Avery does everything she can to stay away from him, which is easier said than done since they live in the same building...and considering the rumors definitely weren't exaggerating about his amazing abs either.

But when they finally stop denying the chemistry between them--in a closet at a frat party, no less-- Avery panics and throws Declan under the bus in front of an audience ready to record them for posterity on Instagram. But Avery's mistake on social media will affect more than just their social life. Turns out rumors don't always tell the truth, and when a new movie deal threatens to take Declan away from school, Avery must decide if opening her heart is worth falling for a star.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Avery’s mother has recently died and she is now starting college.  She isn’t sure about her roommate Chelsea though.  She isn’t sure of anything.  She decides to go with Chelsea and Jin to the get to know you activity set up by the RAs.  Apparently their RA is hot and everyone knows him.  All the girls want him.
Declan is a player though.  He even has a sex tape. He ends up putting Avery on a different team than his.  He is cocky and Avery thinks he is a complete jerk.  She is determined to beat him.  She surprises him and he turns flirtatious toward her.  She wants nothing to do with him.
However he continues to pop up and annoy her.  He seems to live to embarrass her.  Nothing like having two classes with him and having him for a lab partner.  Things start to get complicated fast. Declan is more than he seems and he is giving off mixed signals.  Avery doesn’t know what to think or do. This former child star has her so confused and unsure of herself.  She is on the verge of killing him herself.  When her past comes back with a vengeance she has to reveal her darkest secret.
I love this book.  Avery was an awesome character.  I felt sorry for her knowing how devastated she is.  The author really did a great job of writing how detached she is and still in shock.  When it hits her, the force is all encompassing.  You can feel her sorrow and heartbreak.
As for Declan, he comes off as a complete jerk and player.  You side with her as she instantly doesn’t like him.  He is obviously used to getting what he wants.  Then the author reveals more sides to him and a complicated history.  Then add in the obsession the girls have of him and you start to feel sorry for him.
Just as you get excited about them together Declan goes and changes his mind.  It drove me crazy.  Poor Avery.  She was getting whiplash with the constant changing of Declan’s mind.  I wanted to kick him a couple of times.
By the end of the book, the author gives a bit more insight at what he is dealing with.  It’s a roller coaster of a love story.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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