ARC Review: Je suis à toi (Monsters in the Dark #3.5) by Pepper Winters

Je suis à toi Je suis à toi by Pepper Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Je Suis à Toi (Monsters in the Dark #4) by Pepper Winters is her newest addition to the series that launched her into superstardom, Monsters in the Dark. Her original dark erotica series really delved deep into human trafficking and all its ugliness then through her artistry as an author, twisted it into a beautifully flawed romance with a HFN (happily for now). The characters have become so bellowed by fans that Pepper has added a few glimpses into the life of these two as they grow and carve out their forever HEA and Je Suis à Toi does just that, it’s a “where are they now”/epilogue/ love letter to fans /next chapter in their life type of book. (view spoiler)
Ok enough with the Q&A (see what I did there? Q…get it? *wink wink* *audience groan*). Fine, fine, let’s get to a brief synopsis…..
So we find the two characters, Q & Tess a few years later and everything is right in their world except Q is hiding something from Tess and she wants to know what it is. This secret is tearing Q apart and because he’s a beast of a man, sharing his feelings is not in his wheelhouse. He has done something to Tess and she has no idea. Can the two overcome his secret? Can they move on from this or are they doomed to a life without spice and sentenced to be vanilla forever??? *theatrical soap opera music*
All kidding aside, it was wonderful revisiting these two characters and getting a glimpse into their lives again. We’ve seen Tess sold into slavery, we’ve seen Q buy her, we’ve watched as they fell in love, we’ve seen him loose her then get her back only to lose her again and get her back again. We’ve watched them get married/collared and now with Je Suis à Toi, they will struggle to take the next step in their lives together forever cementing their relationship.
As always, a wonderful 5 star read for fans of the series. Not sure it would be a good standalone as the characters are well established in previous books with quiet a history but I always recommend Pepper and any of her books!
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