Review: Claimed by Her Web Master (Web Master Book 3) (Web Master #3) by Normandie Alleman

*Contains major spoilers in my rant*

Claimed by Her Web Master (Web Master Book 3) (Web Master Trilogy)Claimed by Her Web Master (Web Master Book 3) by Normandie Alleman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I read all three books in the series as I was excited for the creativeness of the BDSM elements in these book and how the author changed up the typical genre play but as the story arc continued and we knew where the whole thing would end up (a HEA). I found myself paying more attention to the other story elements besides the all the sex scenes and unfortunately it didn't hold a lot of water for me. I found a ton of repetitive lines and descriptions. I found the hero's issues to be a bit contrived and too easily overlooked and dealt with (great he goes to therapy but then he gives up when he has a breakthrough? People with his type of issues take years in therapy, not a few sessions and I would have liked to see him acknowledge that and maybe continue with couples counseling when he won the girl back because they both needed continued therapy). I also found the cementing drama to be weak (she falls down a hill, hurts her ankle and gives up yet he finds another path to get to her and carries her out? Chick, hop on one foot. Do or die, you’re pregnant! Uggggggggg weak chicks make me nuts!)
Lastly, I was confused about his reactions and actions toward her being preggers. He made numerous new Dad type comments to her like he asked the girl at the store what juice he should get for her. Ummmm dude this wasn't his first Rodeo. He had a previous wife and they had a 6-year-old. Why is he reading pregnancy books and asking about proper food for the new baby momma? Didn't he already go through this? 

Ok I'm done, next book *reaches for TBR pile*

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