Review: Hooked by Carrie Thomas

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Millie Diamond is your typical high school senior. She has great parents, a younger brother, and two best friends who round out her better than average life. Her future is planned out, thanks to her police officer father, who strictly enforces the rules with a firm, but loving hand. Millie is a kind-hearted soul and proper daughter who respects her dad's authority...until she meets a mysterious new student who stirs emotions in her she's never felt before. A drug deal gone bad in South Boston, leaves Cash Davis' mother no choice but to move him to Tennessee. His life hasn't been easy, but Cash is tough, and plans on making his future better than his past. Those plans include keeping his head down and finishing high school... but nothing ever comes easy for Cash. His connection with Millie surprises him, and as hard as he tries, he can't stay away from her. Millie's dad arresting him before their first date is definitely not ideal for Cash, and it causes friction between Millie and her parents. Can Millie convince her parents that Cash is the guy for her? Will she still want to after secrets from his past are revealed?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Millie is starting her senior year.  She wants to have a fun year with her best friends Cara and Jess.  They make their yearly predictions for the school year after Millie gets her very own car.  Life is good!
When someone new walks in Millie is shocked.  He is hot and she is instantly intrigued.  He turns out to be Cash Davis from Boston.  He is the ultimate bad boy.  He is trying to keep his head down and get through his senior year.  Of course Millie makes that difficult.  He is a moth that is attracted to her light.  He can’t stay from her.  They grow closer as time goes on but he refuses to open up about what is going on.  He is afraid to put her in danger.
When his past catches up with him everything comes to a head.  Millie’s dad has to come help out the situation.  True danger stalks them both.
I loved the dedication that Cash has for Millie.  It is truly sigh worthy.  Every woman needs a man that in love with her.  The storyline was sweet and a great love story.
However I couldn’t stand Millie.  She was too emotional and seemed extremely young for her age.  It really drove me crazy.  She was too sheltered as a character with a too controlling father.  Didn’t care for the family dynamics that the author created.  Just couldn’t connect with the characters with that family.

I did like Cash and Jess.  They were strong and very believable.  I like a little grit and angst to my teenage characters.  I have yet to meet a teen that doesn’t fight the system in some way, even those considered the good ones.  With that in mind it was a cute love story.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

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