Review: Smoke and Fire (Dark Kings #9) by Donna Grant

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She wanted to touch him. There had always been something about being in his arms that made her feel as if she could tackle anything and the world wouldn't dare get in her way...

A dragon shapeshifter and a computer mastermind, Ryder is sent to guard Glasgow after a devastating Dark attack. But when memories of an explosive affair come back to him-in the flesh-Ryder cannot help but want to protect the woman who haunts his dreams. Even if means shifting into the dragon he was never supposed to reveal...

Kinsey could never get enough of Ryder. His every touch only left her wanting more. But now that she's seen him in his true form, Kinsey's world is rocked to the core. She knows that to stay-and feel-alive, she must be with Ryder. But is Kinsey's passion worth the risk of danger that comes with being a part of Ryder's dark and fierce world?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Kinsey has been hired for a job at Dreagan.  Her past with Ryder makes her hesitate and remember her devastation but she is determined to not see him again.  Her focus is her job.
Of course Ryder is one of the first people she sees.  She accuses him of requesting her.  When it is obvious he didn’t the Dragon kings start to suspect her.  She is shocked and angry.  Ryder and Kinsey find out that someone purposely sent her there and they are determined to figure out why.  They agree to work together. Con suspects Kinsey of being a danger to Dreagan and the Kings.  Ryder refuses to believe she is that devious.
Ulrik is continuing with his plan and sneaking into visit his silvers under the Kings’ noses.  Rhi is searching for more information about the Reapers as she and Ballydyn get closer.  When a spy is captured on Dreagan it unleashes a shocking reaction.  The Kings find out there is a new player in the game that has powerful magic.
I love this series.  The characters that have been presented by the author are great.  Each King seems to meet his match with his mate.  It is entertaining to read how they are able to deal with strong females.
Kinsey and Ryder’s story was a bit different.  They knew each other before and fell in love.  I can’t imagine the pain Kinsey endured after reading the other books and seeing the bond that the mates have.  Her wall of indifference was understandable. The reader can see the inner turmoil she has trying to protect her heart.
I liked the two characters together.  They definitely complimented each other.  However Ryder’s doubt was not what I expected.  That was a bit of a surprise as I read through the story.

I also get frustrated as I read that the Dragon Kings are so focused on Ulrik that Mikkel doesn’t even appear on their radar.  The tunnel vision is annoying.  However I like how Con seems to be changing and Rhi is my favorite character.  I can’t wait to see more of them.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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