Spotlight: Angelic Outcast (Heavenly Chronicles Book 1) by Jessie Wrights

Book Blurb

Artan never knew what to expect when he was called to service on earth, but the sight of his future charge made him think this one wouldn’t be so bad. Until he gets shot in his first meeting with Elizabeth Savante. Turns out she already has a protector, and he is none too pleased to find that Heaven has taken an interest in his partner.

Khris thought he was safe, his work with Liz kept him constantly moving and out of Heaven’s cross hairs. That is until an angel shows up and tells him that a demon is after Liz. And to make matters worse Liz is completely psyched about it. Now he has a choice, he can stay and help protect the best thing that ever happened to him or he can run before Heaven finds out what and where he is.

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Review: From nerdy girl: You won't be disappointed with this read, the novel reminds me of myself; a little bit of everything from steamy, love scenes to a deep respect for a God that knows all and everything in between. The only thing missing in this tale is Artan's love interest. He has new powers, why not a lover too, Jessie?

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