Review: Close to You (Fusion #2) by Kristen Proby

Close to You (Fusion, #2)Close to You by Kristen Proby
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Close to You by Kristen Proby is the 2nd book in her Fusion series. I read the first one and absolutely loved it, so my hopes were high for this sophomore addition and like always with Kristen, it didn’t disappoint.

The premise of the series is that a group of girlfriends have started a very popular, very sexy restaurant and each girl has an area of expertise adding to the basic uniqueness of the business and each book is also their individual HEA.

So the second book, Close to You, is Cami’s story. Cami is in charge of finances for the business. Unlike the first story in the series where Kristen was world building, this book dives deeper into the relationship between the business friends. We find out through Cami’s story that a few of the girls grew up together like Cami (the money girl) and Mia (the chef). We also find out that Cami has been in love with Mia’s brother, Landon, since they met. When they were teens, there was an instant spark between Cami and Landon but you had the typical “she’s my sister’s friend” and “she’s too young” BS that kept them from being anything more. That is until Landon arrives back in town years later to be greeted by a very grown up Cami.

Not only is this the second book in the series but it is also a second chance/friends-to-lovers romance.

Like I said earlier, I did like it. The series as a whole is refreshingly unique in its setting but the premise of this particular story wasn’t really anything new but it was a sweet, light and airy romance. I did also like that it was a dual POV.

Even though it’s a second chance/friends-to-lovers romance, it had a lot of the insta-love going on. Yes, it was years later before it clicked but it still happened. The main characters also had the typical misunderstandings and miscommunication leading to the main drama but with my nitpicking aside, there were some wonderful moments that felt very real and genuine.

Mainly what I didn’t like was the pacing. Some parts were dragged out and some were rushed. Literally there were parts that were like (our first date we did this and our second date we did that) and once they said “I love you” it went into hyper speed for me; which I’m not saying is a bad thing because as we all know, some books drag it on forever and ever but this for me was just a bit excessive and unbalanced.

Also I felt there were some chunks of story missing. I guess the characters were so good, I just felt there were missed opportunities to flesh out a more well-rounded second chance/friends-to-lovers romance with more depth to it. I would have liked more backstory of Cami and Landon growing up together, more of Landon in the military and a future epilogue because now I have questions and I hate that!

Other than that, I did like it and definitely recommend the series.

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