Review & FREE BOOK: Finding Flynn (Marlowe #1) by Alexandria Bishop

Book Blurb

Ashtyn Moretti is ready for the best summer of her life. But her parents have other plans when they drop the bomb that her perfect summer will be spent…

Away from home.

Away from friends.

Away from half her family.

Armed with her Summer from Hell playlist and a Kindle full of book boyfriends, Ashtyn prepares to face what she is sure will be the worst summer of her life. Or will it be?

Flynn James has one thing on his mind—the success of his band Marlowe. He’s focused and doesn’t have time for any distractions, and that includes facing his past. But then a petite brunette comes walking into the pub where he works.

Neither Ashtyn or Flynn were looking for love but they can’t deny their obvious attraction. Ashtyn’s summer has been full of lies. The last thing she expects is for Flynn to be one of the liars too. Can she forgive his lies and turn her summer around? Can Flynn keep his secrets without losing everything? Or will this really be the Summer from Hell?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Ashtyn thinks she is on a family vacation waiting for her father and sister to join them.  Her mom drops a bombshell on her.  Ashtyn is angry and storms out.  She finds herself in a pub listening to a hot guy singing her favorite song on stage.  He works behind the bar too.  He helps her out when she needs it and walks her home.  Flynn is her knight in shining armor.
Flynn is no hero.  He has a secret that he has no desire to reveal.  He and Ashtyn grow closer.  Ashtyn is unsure where their relationship is going but she is falling hard.  She embraces and supports Flynn and his band.  She is working through her own drama but thinks he is a great distraction.
When his secret is revealed she is shocked and hurt.  She can’t get over the fact that he lied to her about something that big.  It is devastating to her and she almost says good-bye to Flynn.
I liked the storyline in this first Marlowe novel.  Flynn’s upcoming band with his friends is fascinating.  The family dynamics between Flynn and his dad are complex.  Ashtyn’s family dynamics are also complicated.

It will be interesting to see how both of these aspects of the story play out.  I was, however, disappointed in Ashtyn as the story went along.  The author presented her in such a light that she appeared pretty tough and full of angst.  Unfortunately she acted like she was sixteen instead of eighteen.  She came off pretty immature to me.  It drove me crazy.  I don’t know many eighteen year olds that act and think in some of the ways the author had her do.  Her character was not what I expected.  It’s a good read and I want to read book two.  So I give this one a 3.5 out of 5.  

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