Review: MerMadmen (The Mermen Trilogy #2) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Book #2 of the Mermen Trilogy

He never wanted this. He only wanted her.

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ISLAND OF EL CORAZÓN IS WRONG. The men are ruthless warriors who call themselves mermen but don't have any fish parts, the island isn't exactly an island, and the women...well, let's just say their story isn't pretty. More like a nightmare. Which is exactly why billionaire Roen Doran will do anything to protect the woman he can't live without from that violent place. Including becoming the island's leader and giving her up forever.

WHEN LIV STRATTON ESCAPED THAT TERRIFYING ISLAND in the North Pacific after being shipwrecked, she didn't just leave behind the horror, she left behind Roen Doran. A man she didn't know, but who risked everything to save her. And now her heart can't seem to move on. So part of her wonders if it's somehow her fault she's been taken against her will and locked inside a ship bound for El Corazón. But an even bigger part wonders if Roen will lift a finger to save her this time. After all, now he's one of them...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Liv Stratton has been taken by Shane and blackmailed.  She has to tell Roen that she has never wanted him.  She has always wanted Shane.  She has to do this or Shane will take her younger sister instead.  She is also aboard the ship heading to the mystery island.  Liv is stuck.
She is a part of the claiming.  She has to witness the whole process.  She has to see Roen compete in the competitions.  She tries to show Shane favoritism but her mate seems to know the truth.  He will protect her but knows they can never be together no matter how they feel. Roen has a plan to bring back the mates and protect the island.  The mermen are divided but change is coming.
I was just as frustrated as Liv as I read this.  I love her character.  She is smart and refuses to let the island win.  Her situation would drive anyone mad.  The author did a great job of having her work through it and do what she could.
It was creepy to read how Shane is obsessed with Liv.  You just want to beat him up.  Brings a bit of violence out of you.  Can’t stand his character.  He makes a great villain.
I like how the author also makes the mermen realize what is really happening and how they are fighting back.  It will be interesting to see how Roen leads the men back from the punishment that the island is dishing out.

It’s such an odd idea of an island controlling mermen, a psychotic island at that.  It’s definitely a unique storyline.  Not necessarily my favorite from this author.  I’ve loved everything she has written.  However I am interested in seeing how this series ends.  The ending of this book did not surprise me but I still didn’t like it.  I’m ready for Roen and Liv to save the day.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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