Review: The Seven Devils by Sara Danvers

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After nearly being drowned by her alcoholic father, 17-year-old Ellen, her mother, and her brother move across the state to start over. Ellen soon meets Neil, a gorgeous loner with a bad reputation. Her classmates warn her to stay away, but he seems to be the only one who understands her. Besides, the rumors about Neil are too far-fetched to be believed. When she is threatened by Derrick (a jealous classmate) it becomes clear that there is more to Neil than meets the eye. In this sexy page turner, Ellen must discover Neil's dark secrets and learn to stand up for herself before the plot hatched against her unfolds.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Ellen flees with her mom and brother after her father’s attack.  Austin is angry and blames Ellen for having to leave.  Ellen is traumatized and wants to stay hidden in her room.  Her first day in a new school starts horribly.  Lunch is even worse until a cute boy comes to her rescue. 
Neil is a social outcast.  Everyone thinks he is a freak and shuns him.  So when Ellen sits with him she is the center of everyone’s attention.  Neil is nice to her and she is confused when everyone warns her away from him.  The stories she hears about him are so ridiculous.  When he finally tells her the truth she is shocked.  However she trusts him.
Unfortunately she catches the eye of her brother’s friend Derrick.  Things get complicated and she knows her father will eventually find her.  Everything happens at the same time and Ellen is left reeling.
I liked this book.  It was an interesting idea.  It was fascinating how Neil had these abilities.  As did his friend Josh.  I loved these characters.  I would have liked Ellen if she would have stood up for herself more.  The author created a horrible family life for her so that her timidity was understandable but it was hard for me to read.  I loved how she gained confidence as the story evolved as her relationship with Neil grew.  I thought they made a great pairing saving each other.  I didn’t like how it ended though.  The reader was left hanging a little.  It was almost too sad to read.  I was a bit disappointed.  Other than that it was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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