FREE BOOK Review: The Dragon King and I (Fairest of Them All #1) by Adrianne Brooks

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Alexandria Greyson is cursed! How else can she explain why every man within sniffing distance comes running to her rescue? She’s not even trying the least to look pretty but she attracts men like a magnet. When a man is killed while trying to bring her an umbrella, she realizes that her condition isn't going away on its own and she’ll need to find a cure if she ever wants to live a normal life.

So when her "Fairy Godmother" sends her on a quest to cure the curse that’s been plaguing her, Alex is doubtful but willing. Together with her beastly Prince Charming, she starts gathering all 6 ingredients that make up the cure. Everything was going smoothly...Until the last ingredient involves the heart of the one person she has learned to love: A dragon’s heart.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Alexandria Greyson is cursed.  She attracts unwanted male attention everywhere she goes.  She has had that effect on men since she was three when she witnessed the death of her tutor.  She is trying to have a normal life now.  Her best friend Rachel is trying to help her accomplish it.  Her other goal is to stay away from her crazy mother.
Unfortunately her curse gets the better of her one day and an innocent dies.  She hides away after that so no one else will die.  Rachel tries to save her from herself and send her to Clarabell for advice.  Alex skips the meeting and hides out in her apartment.  However she changes her mind when a dangerous beast tracks her down at her house killing her neighbor in the process.  She definitely needs help.
Her quest for help leads her to a strip club and a stripper/godmother.  She is sent on a quest to retrieve a list of things that will help break the curse.
This story had a fascinating storyline.  The fairytale spin was cool.  It was different enough that it wasn’t obvious.  In fact it was pretty dark.  An evil take on Cinderella.  I got a kick out of who her godmother really was.  There was death, mayhem, adult subject matter and trolls.  It was more Grimm than Disney. 

Alex was ok at first until she retreated from life then she just turned pathetic.  She needed the quest she was sent on.  I also loved how the author provided her a companion, a dragon.  The race to find what they needed to break the curse added some excitement.  What was a bit confusing is that someone already set things in motion and Alex didn’t know.  It seems that Rachel had a hand in how things progress.  It was a unique read and I can’t wait to read the next one.  I give this a 4 out of 5. 

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