FREE BOOK Review: The Guardian (The Guardians #1) by Katie Klein

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Seventeen-year-old Genesis Green is living anything but a charmed life. As far back as she can remember, she and her mother have been bouncing from town to town, struggling to survive on Ramen noodles and minimum wage.

Late one evening, Genesis and her boyfriend are in a car accident. Carter’s SUV rolls, and Genesis finds herself injured, lying on the pavement. Just before she slips into the darkness an unfamiliar voice calls out to her, promising everything will be fine.

His name is Seth, and he’s the Guardian assigned to protect her.

When Genesis begins having bizarre visions, the Guardians believe she could be useful to them. To Seth, this means stepping into the middle of an epic battle between angels and demons. Even with supernatural protection, there’s no guarantee he can keep Genesis safe, something that's becoming more important to him by the day.

The line between reality and the celestial becomes so blurred that Genesis can't decide who’s real and who’s otherworldly, and worse: who's good and who's evil.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Genesis Green and her mother struggle to make ends meet.  She is considered poor and feels that more and more when she goes out with boyfriend Carter.  One night after an uncomfortable dinner with Carter’s parents, Genesis and Carter are in a car accident. Genesis is seriously hurt but hears a comforting voice telling her that help is on the way.  That voice belongs to Seth.  He is a guardian and he watches over her.
Seth is shocked that she can see and hear him when she isn’t supposed to.  He is also drawn to her.  He shouldn’t stay visible as long as he does but there is something about her.
When Genesis starts having these weird dreams and visions, it freaks her out.  When they actually start coming true, it sends her into a panic.  Seth is afraid it will draw her into the war the guardians are fighting against evil.  The guardians are thinking her visions may be useful in the battle.  Seth is against it and Genesis needs to feel useful.
Things start getting weird when Arsen shows up one day.  He starts working at the diner with her.  His interest in her is more than she wants.  Plus her mom is behaving like a child.  Genesis is done with the way life has been going.  She is ready to take control, that is, until evil comes knocking.
I liked how this story was set up.  The family dynamic between Genesis and her mother is dysfunctional.  Genesis also has a huge chip on her shoulder when it comes to Carter.  Genesis’ reactions and behaviors are real and understandable.  You feel for her instantly because you can see her life is not easy.
I liked how she now has visions after her accident.  She gains a purpose that keeps her going.  I also like how Seth treats her.  He is annoying at first but always takes care of her.  He seems to be the only character besides Stu who does.
There is a lot of darkness and loss.  The author makes Genesis a target.  Persuasion is used first, then threats.  I wasn’t sure if her mom was that selfish or if she was a part of things.  I have a feeling more secrets will be revealed in the next book.

I was also sad to see what happened in the end.  Genesis has basically lost everything.  The author really tore what life she had apart to give her a new one.  It will be interesting to see how tough her character remains.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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