Review: Play by Piper Lawson

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PLAY is a quirky 70k word standalone about life, love, and the pursuit of orgasms.
I mean, video games.

I'm Payton Blake. A successful, balanced twenty-something girl living the dream.

OK. So it's a big-ass lie.

I could be all of those things. If I had friends outside of work. And if I didn't mainline watermelon slushies like they were a food group. It wouldn't hurt if I'd had sex in the last year, either. (My best friend insists Jorge the Nightstand Boyfriend doesn't count.)

But when you know where you're headed, who needs to enjoy the ride? Even if part of me longed for a little between-the-sheets adventure, Max Donovan would be the last guy I'd call.

Sure, he made the indie video game that broke the internet. His eyebrow piercing's sexy, in an 'are-you-in-a-band?' way, and fighting with him gets me off faster than Jorge on bezerker mode. But he's arrogant. Presumptuous. Colder than a cactus and twice as prickly.

None of it changes the fact that I crave Max Donovan like a watermelon slushy on a hot summer day.

I should ignore him. But I can't, because he just became my biggest client. And whether he'll admit it or not, he needs me even more than I need him.

Game on, Max Donovan.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Payton works for the financial firm Alliance.  She just got a promotion and is known for defusing intense situations.  New technical accounts are the goal of the company.  Payton is given the prospective account that is behind the company that produces video games owned by Max Donovan.  The first impressions they have of each other is not favorable.  Payton has to try again the next day at making nice.  When the deal goes through everything is supposed to fall into place.  Unfortunately Max messed up the loan amount needed.  Payton has to work on her off time from Alliance to help Max get the rest of the money his company needs in order to launch the game on time.  However there are those who don’t want Titan to succeed and spies among the company.
Payton is trying to save her childhood home and her mom but her feelings for Max grow.  Unfortunately he is a complex man who has been burned by those closest to him.  Payton has to fight an uphill battle to succeed.  She has no idea if she can do the impossible.
I loved this book.  Payton was an awesome character even if she was a rule player.  The reader could see how she needed the job with Titan and Max to gain back herself.  The reader could see her loosen up and change as the story progressed.

Max also changed as the story evolved.  He was such a jerk in the beginning and he grew on me as the storyline continued.  However, he did continue to have his jerk moments and Payton’s responses were realistic.  This relationship wasn’t easy and the author did a great job of incorporating real-life issues that threw both characters.  Things didn’t turn out the way they expected and hoped.  The author made a lot of this story relatable to real-life.  The characters had to change their ideas and direction when things didn’t progress as they wanted.  An awesome read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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