Review: Glow in the Dark by Keira Kroft

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At the tender age of five years old Corey Nolan witnessed her father be humiliated, robbed and burned alive, while she hid in the bushes…helpless. That day instilled in her, a lifelong aversion to fire.

Now as a grown adult with a new lease on life, she befriends three firemen when she takes a spill on the curb of a local Chicago firehouse on her way to work. They each become a part of her life in one way or another, especially Jake Gilroy the smoking hot firefighter who seems to always be there for her. Her life is destined for happiness…

Until…it becomes painfully obvious that someone is hell bent on destroying her life. Corey is falling hard for Jake, but when it comes to her fears, her need for Jake may be more than desire—it may be a matter of life and death...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Corey Nolan is a single mom to her daughter Molly.  She is trying to become more independent and has moved into her own apartment.  She has also gotten a job at Bob’s bar as a bartender.  She is hoping that things will go her way in her relationship with boyfriend Keith also.
On her first day of work she makes an unforgettable impression on three firemen as she rides by on her way to work.  Ultimately she has met some new friends.  At work she tries to fit in and meets the patrons of the bar.  Unfortunately her kindness gains her some dangerous attention.  She gains a stalker and her house is broken into where she is attacked.  Keith is not there for her and she decides she is done.
The man who is there for her is friend and fireman, Jake.  He becomes her protector and rock as things turn dangerous.  Her daughter has an allergic reaction, Corey has a health scare herself and people are dying around her.  Something is going on and Corey has no idea what to do.
I wasn’t sure about this book as I started reading it.  Corey came across as a weak character.  I prefer strong female lead characters and she wasn’t appearing to be it.  However her klutziness made her relatable.  I loved her accident outside the fire station. I could picture myself doing something similar.  Not like starting off with a little humiliation.  She started working in the bar and I thought things were looking up.  I didn’t understand why she was still with Keith.  The author offered him up as king loser and I was a bit disgusted that Corey put up with it.

I did understand her issues and her fears.  The author really played them up and threw a lot at her.  It was almost too much.  Corey came through for me in the end.  She proved herself a strong character.  Unfortunately what she lost for that strength was unforeseen.  I wasn’t expecting all the twists and turns the author took the reader on.  It was an extremely wild ride full of danger and betrayal.  I gave it a 3.5 out of 5.

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