Review: Haunted Warrior (The Ravenscraig Legacy #6) by Allie Mackay

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Kendra Chase is exhausted from her work as a ghost whisperer, so she's been looking forward to her vacation in Edinburgh. But work awaits her as the tiny fishing village is being excavated, and supernatural uprisings have been reported.
Graeme MacGrath knows the source of the psychic trouble. The excavation is disrupting the protective veil between this world and darker, more ancient ones. He hates to admit it but he will need the fetching Kendra and her paranormal abilities to save the town he loves from unspeakable evil.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Kendra Chase deals with the paranormal.  She has been hired to commune with the ghosts of Pennard, Scotland.  Many mysterious things have been occurring in the village as Scotland’s Past tries to move forward with their project.  She is on the case secretly trying to figure out what is going on.
She first sees Graeme McGrath on Balmedie Beach.  He appears first as an ancient highlander then dressed in modern day clothes by the bunkers.  There is an instant attraction to him which shocks her.  He warns her away from Pennard thinking she is a tourist.  She can’t heed his warnings or take his advice.  She has a job to do and she can’t tell anyone what she really does.  She is determined to do what she came to Scotland to do.  She encounters Graeme again when she needs to drive down the cliff road leading into Pennard.  Jock his dog seems happy to give her a paw.  Against his better judgment, Graeme delivers her right to the village.
Unfortunately she catches the eye of village businessman Gavin Ramsey.  Graeme knows how Ramsey is.  He steps in and claims Kendra before the village people, hoping word will travel fast, keeping her safe.  He has no intention of keeping her but Ramsey doesn’t need to know that. 
Kendra tries to do her job quietly. She loves the feel of the village and its people.  Graeme especially catches her attention.  However she knows she can’t stay and once he knows who she works for he won’t want her. 
As she slowly loses her heart, Kendra is drawn into an age old battle between two families.  Ghosts send warnings as the battle heats up.  Kendra has no clue what she will have when the dust clears.
I love this author.  Her highland warriors are great characters.  Graeme was a typical male character for this author.  He was very stubborn and would have drove me crazy.  His hot and cold attitude kept Kendra guessing.  The author had her constantly questioning what happened and why.

She definitely stepped into a dangerous place.  The ghosts were a cool twist but not the main villain.  Ramsey was a great evil nemesis who would do anything to get what he wants.  The frenzied battle at the end was a predictable but a good way to wrap up the story.  The setting of the quiet and quaint Scottish village on the coast was ideal.  The part about the seals added a modern touch to an otherwise time standing still place.  The author gave great detail about the weather and feel of Scotland.  The mist and fog created a mysterious ambiance that added to the tone of the story.  It was a great read.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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