Review: Once Upon a Ghost (The Wacky Women #1) by Day Leclaire

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Zach Kingston, physics professor and famous ghost debunker, despises con-artists who profit from ghostly scams. And he isn't about to change his mind just because this scammer's drop-dead gorgeous and offers the most seductive kisses. Ever.

Rachel Avery is just trying to save her family home. And no nasty, rotten—surprisingly handsome—cynic can change that. If only he weren't so damn sexy. And if only he didn't offer the most seductive kisses. Ever.

But they have a deal, witnessed by the media: If Zach can't scientifically disprove her ghost by Halloween, Rachel wins.

Then Zach meets Rachel's grandmother and discovers the real reason the Averys are so desperate to sell their story.

Too bad his reputation is on the line...

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Zach Kingston is a professor on a mission.  He refuses to let people get away with conning people into believing in fake ghosts.  He is determined to prove the ghost that Rachel Avery centers her book around is a fake.  He and Rachel face off as he is determined to prove her wrong and she wants to make him a believer.
She is beside him as he works to scientifically disprove that Francesca doesn’t exist.  She watches closely as he uses his scientific instruments to make sure everything is documented honestly.  Rachel has no clue what any of the equipment does or what Zach is planning to use as proof.  She needs to convince him of the truth.  Her grandmother is counting on her to save the house.  The sale of her book is the one thing they have to count on.  If Professor Kingston proves that Francesca is not a true ghost, her book won’t sell.  It won’t matter if she is a true believer.
This book had an interesting plot.  However I could not stand Rachel.  She was so ditzy and ridiculous.  I almost quit reading the book.  She was feisty and stubborn which was her only saving grace.
Zach’s attitude was too condescending for my taste.  He was such a jerk.  It wasn’t even fun for me to see them argue over Francesca.  If I don’t like the people the story centers around, I never like the book.  It doesn’t matter how good the plot is.  If I can’t somehow connect with the characters, the story really doesn’t entice me.

This book would most likely be a fast read for most who didn’t mind the characters.  For me it was almost torture.  With that said I give this story a 2 out of 5.

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