Review: Across The Divide (Collector #3) by Stacey Marie Brown

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The hunter is now the hunted.

Zoey Daniels is becoming the very thing she once despised. Fae. After Zoey and Ryker finally found their way to each other they are torn apart by an ex-girlfriend, a stone, and mortality. Ryker’s powers have fully adapted to Zoey, slowly killing him.

Now the mysterious feared demon, Vadik, has discovered their location in Peru and has taken Ryker and sold Zoey back to DMG. The very place which gave her life now might take it away. Or someone she loves… Dr. Rapava is so obsessed with building an army against the fae he will do anything to control Zoey and her new found powers.

Zoey’s has to become an unfeeling brainwashed soldier to survive. But when her survival depends on torturing one to keep another alive, she is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

And neither choice is one she can live with.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Zoey is back at DMG.  Vadik received a nice payment for returning her.  She is now a test subject.  They have been conducting tests on her while they kept her in a coma.   Ryker is Vadik’s prisoner.  Vadik wants the stone and Ryker refuses to tell him where it is.  So Vadik turns his attention to Zoey.  Ryker refuses to give in as Vadik tortures him.
Zoey is trapped in the facility.  She has to play the game to get more freedom.  Her goal is to take the whole DMG down.  Her acting skills are honed as is her lying.  She has to hide her disgust and anger at what Rapava does to fae.  She also knows if Ryker could get to her, he would.
Unfortunately nothing is going Zoey’s way.  She learns shocking news that alters her decisions and renews her resolve.  She feels the pressure to save her loved ones from the torture and scientific testing.
It all changes when Ryker is able to escape and make his way to DMG.  Zoey is forced to choose between two people she loves deeply.
This series is fabulous.  I love Zoey as a character.  She is tough and smart.  She doesn’t back down.  She is placed into a situation that forces her to do horrible things.  Her guilt is overwhelming as is her hate for Dr. Rapava.  She has to control all her emotions in order to save those she loves.

I felt just as frustrated as Zoey did when things were thrown in her way.  The author made her work for everything.  Ryker is tortured and then has to depend on Amara to escape.  He also learns shocking secrets.  I wasn’t expecting half of what happened.  After a while I just held on as the ride rushed forward.  It was a great story.  Lots of suspense and torment.  It kept the series moving in an exciting direction.  The ending was crazy.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

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