ARC Review: Dating-ish (Knitting in the City #6) by Penny Reid

Dating-ish Dating-ish by Penny Reid
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Dating-ish is Penny Reid’s next installment in her Knitting In The City series and follows one of the Knitting Circle’s gal pals Marie. Marie has hit a bit of a brick wall with dating. All her friends are in relationships and she’s wanting to find the right person for her as well, so she takes to the internet for some harmless internet dating. So far she keeps striking out but before she gives up on the concept completely, she gets an alert that her perfect match has been found and his name is Derek! With her heart in her hand, she sets up an appointment with her selected “perfect match” and arranges to meet him at a coffee bar except things don’t go as planned. Derek is a weirdo, so like any modern woman, she screams foul play and takes off only to come face to face with him during her knitting night and going by the name of Matt *WTF*.

Matt is on a mission of the scientific sort. As a professor of computer science, he’s decided to create an AI (artificial intelligence) to replace human relationships. If you can’t find someone or lack human companionship, Matt is there with the computer/robot equivalent but to get the AI to behave right, he needs to do some field research. With the help of a dating site, he and his partner pose as potential perfect matches and quiz these poor unsuspecting ladies in the name of science. So, what could go wrong? Because of being so single-mindedly focused, Matt has lost all his own human emotion and taken on almost robotic characteristics.

So what happens when someone who’s desperate for human emotion and contact (Marie) meets a man devoid of human emotion and contact (Matt)?

In a perfect quote from the epilogue that I think encapsulates the whole book and the relationship between Matt and Marie…..

“INVENTION IS THE fruit of desire and/or disinterest. Most people don’t realize, but desire and disinterest are closely related. Desire as a motivator is obvious—think rocket ships and porn. Disinterest as a motivator is less obvious, but might be the more powerful of the two. We humans hate to be inconvenienced.”

As a major fan of Penny’s since I first read her Elements Of Chemistry series, what I love most about Penny’s writing is that she never creates “Bubble Gum For The Brain” or a typical bland, formulaic romance. In fact, most of the time, I must look up terms and words she uses. Her stories are always romantic, surprising, heartfelt and seriously smart, like advanced book/college smart *grin*. Dating-ish is the perfect companion to add to any of her contemporary romance collections with visits from not only KITC but also the Winston Brothers series. Also as a Penny Reid fan, even though Dating-ish is part of the Knitting In The City series, parts of it seriously remind me of her Elements Of Chemistry series.

Overall, I loved it and found it unlike anything else out there. It’s a friends-to-lovers romance with smarts.

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