Review: From Burning Ashes (Collector #4) by Stacey Marie Brown

Book Blurb

This war is not being played on a battlefield.

Killed by the man she loves, not even death is kind to Zoey.
Neither life nor her fae powers will let her go in peace.

In this final installment, Zoey’s strength, determination, and trust are put to the ultimate test. In the fight to protect the people she loves and stop DMG from experimenting on fae, humans, and animals to create soldiers, she learns the reality of how far Dr. Rapava will go to achieve his ultimate mission.

Of course, Rapava is not the only one willing to go to extremes. Vadik is hunting Ryker, and there is nothing he won’t do to get back the property he feels is his: both Ryker and the Stone of Destiny.

To end one evil, Zoey might have to make a deal with another. One she won't be able to get out of. And it could be the worst decision she ever made.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Zoe is trying to rescue Ryker, but he succeeds in killing her for a short time, just enough for most of his powers to leave her body.  Croyden comes to her rescue and fights Ryker to get him to let go.  She is able to get her breath back. 
The oath Ryker made to kill her is still active just weaker now.  He is able to fight it more as they work together to escape and go into hiding with Lexie. She is still unconscious while the drugs Dr. Rapava gave her work their way through her system. 
The small band is being hunted by several groups of enemies.  Their powers aren’t working so they have to improvise to get what they need.  Amara shows up and joins the group.  Zoey is less than thrilled to see her but reluctantly accepts her help.  They are able to stay under the radar and plan to save Annabeth from the illegal fighting ring taken over by Vadik.  Zoey can’t leave her behind.  She made a promise. 
The stone is also trying to seduce Zoey and she is constantly fighting its call.  Lexie isn’t getting any better.  Ryker still wants to kill her.  Amara still wants Ryker and Zoey doesn’t know how much more she can stand.
More enemies appear to hunt them down.  Zoey and Ryker carefully plan to save those that need them and take down DMG at the same time.  Unfortunately they are confronted by a shocking ally, lose two of their group to DMG and are betrayed by one of their own.  Things couldn’t get worse right?
Wrong.  I love this series.  Zoey is a favored character.  I have eaten up every book in this series and am extremely sad to see it end.  It is a very bumpy ride as Zoey and Ryker live through everything thrown at them.  They have had to fight their way through everything and for everything.  This book is not different.  This part of their story is jam packed full of suspense.  Zoey is fighting everyone, including herself.  She is a tough cookie but you really see her vulnerability in this story.
She truly opens up her heart to Ryker, Croyden, Lexie, Annabeth and Sprig.  Her enemies try to exploit her feelings as a weakness but the author shows the reader how it becomes her ultimate strength.
Zoey is the best type of heroine.  She completely changes her point of view.  She learns to love and see things from multiple perspectives.  Not everything is as it seems.  Evil resides in all groups.  The author shows how good and evil can be found at home.

I like how Zoey has her eyes opened and learns what can happen when hate drives a person.  The odds she is facing are tremendous but she is willing in order to do what is right.  This book brings everything to the climatic ending.  Parts are shocking and anger invoking but I couldn’t put it down.  The only complaint I have is the author jumped ahead too far.  I would have liked to see more right after.  Otherwise I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.

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