Review: The Frog Prince (Fairest of Them All #2) by Adrianne Brooks

Book Blurb

Chris isn’t your average hero.

In fact, he isn’t really a hero at all.

He’s a treefrog.

With a chip on his shoulder bigger than most lilypads, Chris is prepared to do whatever it takes to break the spell his stepmother placed on him as a child. Even if that means braving a labyrinth where old, and corrupt, fairytales go to die to save a sleeping beauty locked in a tower.

Even before the enchantment that trapped her in a magical sleep, Rachel Constance Dupree lived most of her life in a daze. She never believed in fairytales, happily ever afters, or charming young heroes willing to battle dragons and the forces of evil for their lady love. She never believed in curses, or miracles, or the power of true loves kiss. She never believed in any of it... until she met Christopher Greyson.

Now, Rachel and Chris will learn that even a treefrog can wear armor and that not every happy ending begins with a ‘once upon a time’.

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Christopher Greyson has escaped his glass prison.  The fairy godmother sends him to a castle that seems to be haunted.  His frog form makes it in the front door only to be confronted by a strange woman’s voice and an unconscious body upstairs.  He is able to wake her and they plan to escape.  They have to get past the dragon first then make it through the maze.
They encounter several obstacles in the maze.  Rachel uses the fairy dust to help as they walk along.  Chris also has some unknown tricks that get them past some of the dangerous things lurking in the maze.
Once they make it out they have to deal with the human world.  Both find themselves arrested and at the mercy of Mal as she argues their charges.  Alex finally realizes where Rachel is and comes to help her get out of jail.  Alex also learns who Chris is.  The shock that Alex feels is incredible.
Rachel needs to rid herself of the Sleeping Beauty curse and Danielle gives her away to do so.  Rachel agrees hoping she can break Chris’ curse as well. Unfortunately Danielle didn’t reveal all her plans.  Rachel knew not to trust her as she fights for her life and saving Chris.
This story has so many references to classic fairytales.  Sleeping Beauty is the obvious one with Rachel’s curse.  The second is the Frog Prince with Chris’ curse of turning into a frog.  Then add in the toadstone that everyone wants, the fairy dust, the dragons and Danielle’s evil manipulations and you’ve got quite the story.
I liked how Rachel was asleep in the castle guarded by a dragon, one of Sam’s dragons.  She is rescued by a frog.  In the beginning the picture is ridiculous in some aspect.  I like how they worked together to escape the castle and the maze.  At first they have no real clue who the other person is.  I like the reactions the author wrote when they find out Rachel is Alex’s best friend and Chris is her brother.  It is interesting to see the dynamic play out.

Their attraction to each other seems quick but if you are destined for each other, you just know.  However Danielle is determined to thwart them all and get what she wants.  Her evilness knows no bounds apparently.  She is a great character to hate.  She possesses such horrible qualities and drive.  The author created an unrepentant and unfeeling evil villain.  It will be interesting to see what she does next.  This book was quite the ride.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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