Review: Punk 57

Punk 57 Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas
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How do you review a book that hits on so many old wounds that you have, that weren’t completely healed but were enough to not cripple you? How do you review a book that says everything you wanted to say to those people from the past but never had the words until Penelope Douglas put them so eloquently onto paper that you felt someone, someone, finally knows the hurt and understands it.

Answer: you just can’t

But I will say this. READ THIS BOOK!!!!

Whether you’re still in high school or so beyond it that it’s just a blip in the rearview mirror. It doesn’t matter but the things in our young adult life leave lasting wounds sometimes. Things you’ve said to people, people have said to you, people who’ve left you behind or vice versa and you never knew why? Whether it’s a friend, an acquaintance or family members. No matter what, actions have consequences. You may not see them at the time but eventually, we all look back and wonder….why?

There are always two sides to every story and it’s never too late to find your peace. To reach out or look back and maybe, just maybe, put a little salve on that old wound.

Read this book and like me, it might give you a roadmap and understanding on closing that door once and for all.

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