Review: Soulmate (Soulmate #1) by Kellie McAllen

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Could you survive if you lost half your soul?

Rachel is fed up with being known as the crazy girl who talks to herself, so she's thrilled when moving to a new town gives her a chance at a whole new identity, without the stigma of her “imaginary friend,” Rider, the soul who has shared her body for the last fifteen years.

Rachel doesn't have much better luck in Indianapolis, where the only friends she makes are a kooky bunch of science club geeks, but somehow she still manages to attract the attention of the hottest boy in school. Her new friends warn her about the notorious chick magnet, but Rachel can’t resist his affections or the allure of popularity, and Rider fears he’s losing his only friend as Rachel makes one bad choice after another.

When her recklessness leads to a tragic accident that separates her and Rider, Rachel realizes too late who her soulmate really was. What she doesn't know is, how can she ever live without him?

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Toot's Review by Stacy Sabala

Rachel has a special friend inside her head.  His name is Ryder.  He has been with her since she was born.  They share Rachel’s body.  She talks to him and he talks to her.  Everyone thinks Rider is an imaginary friend.  The only person that believes Rachel about Rider is her best friend Paige.  The three become best friends.  Rider is always included and always has an opinion.  He is accepted but wishes he had his own body.  It is also hard to watch Rachel participate in her life when he can’t.
Rachel’s dad gets a job transfer and she moves away from Paige.  She gets a fresh start in a new school where no one knows her or about Rider.  She meets a nice group of friends and even catches the eye of Jason who belongs to the popular group.  Rachel likes how Jason makes her feel special.  She wants to fit in.  However her actions lead to devastating consequences.  Ones she never thought possible until they do.  She loses her best friend.
This story was unique. The author uses the soulmate term in the literal form in this story.  Rachel and Rider share the same body.  Rider is an interesting character.  He is just a voice in Rachel’s head and presence that she feels.  It’s hard to imagine what it feels like.  I guess you can’t be lonely.  You understand his frustration since he isn’t a separate person in his own body.  That adds to the dynamic of the story.
You also have Rachel trying to be accepted at her new school where she only had Paige as her friend in her old one.  It’s sad to read the extremes she will go to in order to achieve that status.  She learns her lesson at a huge cost.  Her devastation afterwards is realistic.  You can feel her panic when she realizes the truth.

I like how things comes together in the end.  It’s a cute story for young readers.  It is a definite lesson learned story.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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