Review: Wild by Angel Payne

Wild Wild by Angel Payne
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Wild by Angel Payne is a love letter to fans of her previous 3 books in her Honor Bound series (previously The Wild Boys). This really couldn’t be called a “stand alone” book but really more “slices of life” and “where are they now” of the already established characters except we do get a peek into the couple for book 5. So be warned but I will give this caveat, if you want to skip all the relationship stuff and just go directly to the good parts, then this book would also be for you! Also, I will say this because it happened to me, if you’re doing the audiobook, listen to it with headphones and not over the speakers because DAYUM!!!! This is literally mainly just the good parts *wink*. From the get-go, Angel Payne starts steaming up the pages. No soft intros here, just BAM – brown chicken, brown cow!!! Get to the good lovin’ baby!!!! So, if there’s someone you don’t want to hear about ‘him fetching the lube’, then it’s best to keep it in the ears.
For fans and super fans like me, it’s everything we want. We already know these characters and just want to revisit with them anyway we can but especially with the men being all Alpha and the women they love.
For new fans, this will give you a sampling of what made Angel famous, her ability to write BDSM Military romance like no one else. It is hot, it is unapologetic and it sparks all your wildest fantasies.
Welcome to the world of the men and women of Honor Bound

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